Someone Pinpointed The Exact Moment Robert De Niro Stopped Giving A Sh*t

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If you haven’t seen films such as Raging BullTaxi Driver and The Godfather Part II then I suggest you lock yourself away this weekend and do just that.

Two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro will go down as one of cinema’s true greats. He has a back catalogue so impressive that he could have retired 20 years ago and still been considered one of the greatest of all time. But ask yourself one question: When was the last time Robert De Niro actually made a good film?

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Alright, you could make an argument for Silver Linings Playbook and Jackie Brown, but there’s no denying he’s fallen from grace.

There has to be a reason Bobby has gone from The Deer Hunter to Dirty Grandpa. And, well, it seems that he just stopped giving a shit.

Twitter user James Chapman has crunched numbers and pinpointed the exact moment De Niro seemingly stopped caring about making good movies.

So, there you have it. Robert De Niro threw in the towel in 2002 when he was 59-years-old.

But he’s Robert De Niro, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Chapman’s analysis of film stars didn’t end there. He also used Rotten Tomato ratings to point out that Leonardo DiCaprio’s career is going from strength-to-strength.

We might not be able to rely on De Niro bringing out any more classics, but it looks like DiCaprio will keep producing for years to come.