Someone Put The New Snapchat Filter On All The Avengers


If you thought you’d seen the end of our Avengers: Endgame related content, think again.

I mean, come on guys, it’s not even been three weeks since its release – we’ve got at least another three in us before we stop talking about it.

Hence why I’m sat here writing an article about some guy who’s decided to use the new Snapchat filter to transform all the Avengers into their female/male equivalents.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the Snapchat filter that’s been sending the world into a craze.

Basically, the app modifies your appearance to emphasise male or female traits, dramatically changing appearances depending on which filter is used.

It sounds simple enough, but the end results are so hilariously realistic that pretty much every group chat in the country has been filled with pictures of Danny as Danielle and Harriet as Harry. Because why not?


To make the new filter that bit better though, one person has taken it upon themselves to transform all the Avengers using the new filter – and I can guarantee they’re better than any you’ve seen in your group chat.

Now, usually when you think of Iron Man ,Thor, Captain Marvel and co., you think of them in their superhero suits, trying to save the world against evil Thanos.

However, now that I’m about to show you what they’d look like with typically masculine/feminine features, you’d better believe you’re never going to be able to see them in the same way again.

First off, we have Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel with new snapchat filterSupplied

Next, it’s Thor’s turn to get a makeover:

Thor with new snapchat filterSupplied

Then we have Captain America, Tony Stark, and Black Widow – all of whom look slightly constipated:

Captain America with new snapchat filterSupplied
Tony Stark with new snapchat filterSupplied
Black Widow with new snapchat filterSupplied

I’m well aware  that the real reason you’re all here isn’t to see the transformed Avengers – it’s to see what Thanos, genocidal warlord and all-round evil being, would look like with feminine features.

Let me warn you, before you read on further, that what you’re about to see will probably haunt your dreams for at least the next week. To say it isn’t pretty is a massive understatement.

No honestly, Thanos after he’s been filtered to the max is the stuff of nightmares. Just take a look if you don’t believe me, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thanos with new snapchat filterSupplied

Ah, Snapchat. Why do we need hobbies when we’ve got such an enticing app to keep us this entertained?

So what do you reckon? Did this guy just waste an entire hour of his life or has he achieved something to be proud of?

I’m going with the first one…

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