Someone Spotted An Incredible Hidden Message In This Scene On Game Of Thrones

by : Tom Percival on : 19 Jul 2017 09:01

Warning: Mild Spoilers

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Eagle eyed Game of Thrones fans have spotted an intriguing message in the the first episode of Season Seven. 


As usual with GOT, fans have poured over the episode like a Maester with a new book, teasing out every single morsel of information and speculating wildly about every single scene.

Now fans believe they’ve spotted the show foreshadowing Cersei’s fate and it doesn’t look good for the newly crowned Mad Queen.

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To pick apart this particular knot of speculation you’ll have to cast your mind back to season five when Cersei as a child visited Maggy the Frog, an alleged seer who prophesied certain events in Cersei’s life.


Maggy promised Cersei that she’s be Queen one day as she wished but that also warned her she would lose all of her children early.

What the show didn’t reveal however is that the prophecy also predicted how Cersei would die.

Maggie claimed that Cersei would meet her end at the hands of the ‘valonqar’ who would wrap his hands about her ‘pale white throat’ and choke the life from her.

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Valonqar is high Valyrian (The language of the Targaryens) for ‘little brother’, which explains why Cersei hates Tyrion so much in the books as she presumes he’s the one prophesied to end her life.

What’s interesting though is that Cersei actually has two little brothers because Jamie was born after Cersei meaning he’s her ‘little brother’ as well.

Now look where Cersei and Jamie are stood in the scene below…

People spotted a very cool hidden message in this Game of Thrones scenePeople spotted a very cool hidden message in this Game of Thrones sceneHBO

That’s right Cersei is stood on an area of Westeros known as the neck, while Jamie is stood on The Fingers.

Could Jamie be the real valonqar?

Fans certainly think so and let’s be honest he’s got form when it comes to offing mad monarchs.

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