Someone’s Worked Out Exactly When The Simpsons Turned Bad

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Apr 2020 14:41
Someone's Worked Out Exactly When The Simpsons Turned Bad20th Television

If you were anything like me as a kid, you’ll have waited all week for exciting new instalments of The Simpsons each week.

And if you’re anything like me now, you’ll be thinking the once greatest-of-all-time cartoon has just… lost its spark a little in recent years.


But, when did it all go sour? Was it purely the fact we grew from children into teens into mature adults with a different sense of humour and taste? Or did it simply stop being as good as it used to be?

Someone's Worked Out Exactly When The Simpsons Turned Bad20th Television

Well, someone has gone to great lengths to work that out for us, and they’ve even put all their research in a nifty little chart to reveal just where The Simpsons took a turn for the worse.

The chart is made up of the IMDb scores of the animation’s 679 episodes so far, with Lisa Goes Gaga rated as the worst in all of The Simpsons history. For clarity, it’s the episode starring Lady Gaga from season 23, in a long line of many, many celebrity cameos which appear to have ultimately killed the show.


‘After a desperate attempt by Lisa to become more popular backfires, Lady Gaga shows up in Springfield to help her with her self-esteem,’ the summary for the 3.9/10 rated episode reads.

Someone's Worked Out Exactly When The Simpsons Turned Bad20th Television

I’ll be honest, I’ve never even seen that episode, as my love for the show declined around season 15, when Simon Cowell appeared as a cameo on the episode Smart & Smarter, in which Maggie is declared a child genius.

What ever happened to classics like Who Shot Mr Burns??


The graph also shows the decline in quality over the last few years, as ratings sink from high 8s and 9s to an average of around 6.5 and below, proving that while our tastes may (probably) have matured a little, the show has changed, not us.

Check out the graph here:

Someone's Worked Out Exactly When The Simpsons Turned BadHannes Benne

If you’re wondering which episode ranked the highest, it’s Homer’s Enemy from season 8, in which Frank Grimes joins the nuclear power plant and is enraged, with a grand old score of 9.3/10. Not too shabby.


Some of my personal favourites include King-Sized Homer from season 7, which is rated as 9/10, Who Shot Mr Burns: Part 1, from season 6, rated 9.2/10 and Trilogy of Error from season 12, rated 8.6/10.

Basically, the lesson here is that the best things in life must eventually come to an end. Take a hint, hey Disney?

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