Sons Of Anarchy Creator Reveals Jax’s Dad Prequel Details And It Sounds Amazing

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So the Sons Of Anarchy prequel is confirmed and creator Kurt Sutter is here to supply all the information.


Ever since SAMCRO rode off into the sunset back in 2014, fans of the series have been left to their own devices to fill the leather-clad void.

The announcement of a spin-off series was made in January and fans could finally celebrate the return of motorcycle mayhem, this time with the Mayan M.C. charter.

Sons of AnarchySons of AnarchyFX

As he’s said in the past, Sutter pictures the Sons of Anarchy story being played out in four chapters. One of which revolves, or will, around Jax Teller’s father, Deadline reports.


He says depending on the success of Mayans M.C., we could be seeing the tale of Jax’s family well into the future with the introduction of a prequel.

In the meantime, you can finally catch the new gang on September 4 on FX.

The trailer, released earlier this year, sees the crew of the infamous Mayans M.C., a rival biker gang to SAMCRO in the original series, blazing down a desert highway, set to a Spanish cover of the Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black.

The new 10-episode spin-off will be set in a post-Jax Teller world, where we follow the story of EZ Reyes – a former golden boy now fresh out of prison. As a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California-Mexico border, he’ll carve out his new outlaw identity.

The spin-off series, which is the brain-child of SOA creator Kurt Sutter, and writer Elgin James, will premiere first in the States on FX – and takes place on the 10th anniversary of the original series.

In a new interview with Deadline, Sutter explained what it’s been like returning to ‘the world of motorcycle outlaws’:

The big challenge of dovetailing Sons into this is, you can’t ignore what we did for seven seasons, and the fanbase of that show, because we want to bring them along for the ride. Tonally, it’s about finding the balance where it feels familiar enough to be satisfying yet can ultimately find its own voice. The challenge for both of us is, how do we honour what our creative sensibilities are in this world and then ultimately allow it to become its own thing?

For him, he’s brought a lot to the table, in terms of story, and all his stuff. He runs the writers room for me, so he and the writers are doing the heavy lifting. His story sensibility has been integral in rooting this into a culture. When we were in Austin he had a really lovely point of view on it, in that we’re honouring the voice of those who are unheard, Los Olividados, the forgotten ones, that to him is really poignant.

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As for John Teller, he added:

If I’m still alive when Mayans is over, I do have a thought and it’ll maybe be one of the things we lay track to. Jax didn’t destroy all those copies of John Teller’s manuscript, and at some point maybe down the line we have Drea’s character still out there with the boys, we have Jimmy Smit’s character still out there. At some point perhaps there’ll be a brother story with Abel and Thomas, coming back to Charming. Where it all began. If I’m still alive, that might be the last chapter.

During an interview on the Tom Arnold podcast 100% Honest… Pretty Much, Sutter revealed the series is envisioned as one of four chapters.

This puts the original SOA seasons as chapter one and Mayans M.C. as chapter two. At this point, the upcoming seasons could represent further chapters.

The prequel and sequel projects will focus on – SPOILER ALERT – Jax’s family after his death.

Speaking on the podcast Sutter said:

I have a sense of ‘Sons’ being four chapters. If ‘Sons’ was the first chapter than I see the Mayans as the second chapter. [The new show is] present day, it’s after the death of Jax Teller.

Sons of AnarchySons of AnarchyFX

While Mayans M.C. will be its own separate entity, Sutter said:


We’re going to play the reality of that last day and the events that happened with who he [Jax] killed that day and the impact and perhaps the trickle down that may have had on Northern Cali.

So it won’t have a direct impact on the Mayans but we make reference to it in the pilot so we can play the reality of it.

You can catch Mayans M.C. September 4 on FX.

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