Sophie Turner Had Perfect Response To Fan Defending Littlefinger

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2017 17:19

Warning: Game Of Thrones Spoilers, Obvs

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Sansa Stark has proven herself to be a bit of a force to be reckoned with in recent Game of Thrones seasons.

After suffering at the hands of some horrible people pretty much since the first season, Sansa’s turned into a strong character who doesn’t take any shit from anyone.

And it looks like Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, has taken a leaf out of her character’s book.

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Following the season seven finale, one Twitterer tweeted a reminder that Sansa ‘managed to get littlefinger on his knees and beg’, pointing out that she was the first character to put Littlefinger in his place before his eventual death.

Obviously, there was going to be one person on Twitter who supported the fiendish bastard.

Enter that one person, who called the scene ‘heartbreaking’.

Well, Sophie was not taking any shit for that, as you can see below.

First of all, the ‘broken’ man only confessed his feelings because his neck was on the line. He was perfectly happy to let one of the sisters kill the other.

You tell them @SophieTurntits.


BOOM, enter Sophie Turner. Saying Littlefinger never hurt Sansa is one of the most ridiculous statements about Game of Thrones. He pretty much destroyed Sansa’s life and started the whole Game of Thrones shit by concocting the lie Robert’s rebellion was built on. But yeah, Littlefinger’s the good guy in this situation, alright.

Absolute mic drop. It’s silly that there’s anyone that’s really defending Littlefinger at all to be honest but at least Sophie schooled them.

Don’t mess with Sansa or Sophie in this world or in Westeros.

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