South Park Named Most Offensive TV Show Of All Time

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Fewer shows prompt as much controversial allure as South Park since it’s premiere in 1997.

As a kid – because who doesn’t want to hear about my personal life – catching even a frame of it was basically on par with knocking about an abandoned building or sniffing board markers. Something that would grant you major bro points the next day at school – for reference, drugs are bad, mmmkay.

Many and various are the times I would nervously watch the goings on of three amoral children in Colorado inches away from the TV in case my mum would walk in and I’d have to change channel manually. To a certain extent I did similar with Bo Selecta, but whereas that would completely depend on Michael Jackson and Mel B, South Park was genuinely funny and unmissable viewing.

It should come as no surprise then that the show has been voted the most offensive TV show of all time in a new study.

Senior Living spoke to 1,000 people across various generations with participants ranging in age from 18 to 89 to settle the discussion over which was the most controversial.

The cartoon soared to the top with 30.7 per cent of the vote. It was followed by Family Guy (10.5), Jerry Springer (7.1), All In the Family (6.4) and Married… with Children (2.7).

On top of that, Eric Cartman was voted top in the ‘most offensive TV character/personality’ poll with 18.7 per cent of the vote, toppling Archie Bunker’s 14.5 per cent. Roseanne Barr came in fourth place, Donald Trump in sixth, Bart and Homer Simpson in 12th and 13th and Beavis in 14th. Butthead, unfortunately, didn’t even make the cut.

South Park pollSenior Living

The study found that Baby Boomers were most offended by sexual violence, while Generation Z didn’t have any time for sloppy representation. It just so happens that there’s a black character in South Park called Token so it kinda makes sense they should win doesn’t it?

It was recently revealed the show is set to take on the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal

Comedy Central released a guide for season 22 of the show and religion and sexual abuse will feature prominently in the forthcoming second episode ‘A Boy and a Priest’.

One synopsis says it will delve into the murkier side of the church by exploring the questionable relationship between Butters and the Parish Priest.

It reads:

The local Priest is filling the pews each week in an all-new episode. A very special relationship has developed between Butters and the Parish Priest. When the town finds the church doors locked and no sign of the pair, they call in the Catholic Church.

Keep doing you, guys.

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