Spider-Man 3 Gets Working Title And Fans Think It’s A Clue To The Plot

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 27 Feb 2020 18:54
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The upcoming Spiderman movie, originally named Spiderman 3, has finally been given a working title.

For those of you who aren’t movie boffs (like me), a working title refers to a title given to an upcoming project – or film in this case – as a temporary title until the official one is decided on.


And the working title for this particular project is one that comedy fans may well recognise.

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The working title for the upcoming film has been announced as Serenity Now – and fans are already linking it to previous Spiderman movies’ working titles.

It’s thought the working titles all relate to ’90s American sitcom Seinfeld. 


The first of Tom Holland’s Spiderman feature films, Spider-Man: Homecoming went by Summer of George, while second film Far From Home was known as Fall of George – both names being titles of Seinfeld episodes.

Serenity Now was the name of episode three of the final season of Seinfeld. 


The synopsis for the episode reads:


Frank Costanza is advised to say “serenity now” every time he gets angry in order to keep his blood pressure down. Jerry’s girlfriend Patty observes that she has never seen him get angry. When Elaine goes to her old boss Mr. Lippman’s son’s bar mitzvah, his son Adam tries to kiss her.

Meanwhile, Kramer is inspired to turn the hallway area outside his apartment door to resemble the front porch of a house in “Anytown, USA”, complete with barbecue grill, lawn chairs, potted plants, American flag, wind chimes, and screen door.

In the end, Frank eventually explodes from bottling his anger because it turns out the real mantra is “serenity now, insanity later”.

SeinfeldSeinfeldSony Pictures

Some fans think the link is from the ending of Far From Home where [SPOILER] Peter Parker’s identity as Spiderman is revealed to the world, and him possibly seeking serenity in a new chapter of his life.

Meanwhile, others think it could be linked to the big dispute between Sony and Marvel, where poor old Spiderman was nearly booted out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It was actually partly through Tom Holland that the big bust up was resolved.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in December last year, Holland spoke about how ‘devastated’ he had been when he wasn’t allowed to pose for Marvel pics at Disney’s recent D23 expo. However, a fateful phone call with Bob Iger changed everything.

Tom Holland Spider-ManTom Holland Spider-ManJimmy Kimmel Live

Holland had tracked down the email address of Iger – the Executive Chairman of the Walt Disney Company – and sent him a message.


Tom’s email then led to a phone call between the two, where they both agreed they could ‘make it work’ between Sony and Marvel – the rest is history.

Hats off to Holland for ensuring there wasn’t an eternal Spidermansized hole in our lives.

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