Squid Game: Behind The Scenes Footage Of Tug Of War Looks Terrifying

by : Chloe Rowland on : 07 Oct 2021 11:08

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Squid Game: Behind The Scenes Footage Of Tug Of War Looks Terrifying Netflix

Netflix has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of its smash-hit dystopian drama Squid Game, and one of the games looked absolutely terrifying to film. 


Word-of-mouth sensation Squid Game has skyrocketed to fame in the short three weeks since dropping on the platform, with fans across the world gripped by its gruesome take on childs’ play.

As the hype continues to grow, Netflix recently treated fans to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the show, complete with cast interviews, the process of building the set and an inside look into how the fatal games were filmed.

Squid Game (Netflix)Netflix

In the clip, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk explains he ‘tried to simulate the atmosphere of real playgrounds’ when making the infamous set, so the cast could ‘feel like they’re really doing something in there’.


‘I thought those kinds of sets can give more of a sense of reality to the actors’ performance,’ he added.

Well, it seems Dong-hyuk well and truly achieved his aim, particularly when it came to round three of the twisted competition: tug of war. After watching footage of the cast in action, I have to admit that some elements looked truly terrifying.

‘In that scene, we were playing a survival game to win, in that innocent childlike playground,’ explains Lee Jung-jae, who portrays Seong Gi-hun (aka player 456). ‘That itself had feelings of some kind of conceptual art.’

Squid Game (Netflix)Netflix
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In the series, the scene shows two teams handcuffed to a rope, suspended hundreds of feet in the air (that lift journey to the podium felt like years, didn’t it?) ready to hash it out in a classic game of tug of war. The pitfall being, however, that those who lose get dragged off their podium – while still attached to the rope – before it’s cut by the guards and they fall to their death.

While watching the tense scene unfold was scary enough, seeing the cast act it out from behind the lens is equally as nail-biting.

For instance, the actors on the ‘losing’ team really do fall while attached to the rope, dangling in mid-air.

Check out the footage below:


While the game, of course, takes place nowhere near as high up as how it appears on screen, it’s safe to say this is not a stunt I would jump at the chance of performing myself.

In the words of Simon Cowell: it’s a no from me.

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix now. 


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