‘Squid Game’ Creators Install ‘Murdering Doll’ Outside Shopping Mall To Eliminate Jaywalkers

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Oct 2021 15:46
'Squid Game' Creators Install 'Murdering Doll' Outside Shopping Mall To Eliminate JaywalkersNetflix/@Netflix_PH/Twitter

Disturbing Korean drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm, captivating Netflix viewers like no other show this year.

Thrilling, inventive and utterly gripping, Squid Game is currently ranked as number one in the UK, and has been praised by critics across the board.


However, as much as we can’t stop binge-ing the nine-episode series, it’s not a world anyone would want to live in, and I can’t express how fast I’d run if I ever saw that creepy murdering doll in real life.

Squid Game (Netflix)Netflix

Fans will no doubt recall the chilling giant doll who decides players’ fates with her robotic eyes during the harrowing first game of the show, ‘red light, green light’.

In a decidedly unfun game, the robotic doll eliminates any contestants whose movement is detected after the red light flashes. As you might be able to guess, this doesn’t just mean they go have to go sit on the sidelines for a bit.


Unfortunately for those of a nervous disposition, a replica doll has now been installed outside a mall in the Robinsons Galleria mall in Quezon City, Philippines, as part of a creepy marketing campaign for the show.

In sinister footage shared by Netflix Philippines, the eerily unadorable plaything can be seen monitoring a crosswalk, sharp eyes on the lookout for jaywalkers.

All the while she can be heard chanting the sinister ‘Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3’ song, sending a shiver up the spines of all those who’ve watched that scene.


Any pedestrians attempting to cross while the ‘don’t walk’ red light flashes, will find themselves automatically fixed with her glassy, unforgiving stare.

In a similar way to ‘red light, green light’, this sort of forbidden movement prompts the doll to swivel her head right around, LED-red eyes glaring at the guilty party.

Squid game (Netflix)Netflix

Those who’ve seen the footage have been left feeling a little uneasy, with one fan tweeting:


For reals tho, if I EVER see this irl, I dont think I’d ever wanna go near it LMAO *insert inaudible shrieking*

Another mused on its practicalities, writing:

Imagine how disciplined the country would be.

Don’t worry, this is after all just a clever marketing gimmick, and I doubt any singled-out jaywalkers have met the sort of catastrophic doom we see depicted on the show. However, I must admit, if I was out shopping at that mall it would convince me enough to wait for the lights to change…


You can stream Squid Game on Netflix now.

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