Squid Game Hints You Probably Missed

by : Chloe Rowland on : 05 Oct 2021 11:28

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Squid Game Hints You Probably MissedNetflix

With Squid Game mania showing no signs of slowing down, eagle-eyed viewers have been pointing out various hints and easter eggs hidden in plain sight throughout the K-drama’s nine-episode run… and you’ll be kicking yourself for missing them. 


It seems like anyone with a TV is talking about Squid Game right now. Based on twisted versions of traditional Korean children’s games, the dystopian survival thriller is topping Netflix‘s charts across the globe, slated to become one of the streaming giant’s biggest ever shows. In fact, it’s so popular that South Korean broadband provider, SK Broadband, is filing a lawsuit against Netflix after it allegedly sparked a huge surge in traffic.

But for those of us who’ve already lapped up the show’s nine episodes in an instant, we’ve been left head deep in mind-bending theory TikToks all while frantically looking up whether a second season is on the way.

Still from Squid Game (Netflix)Netflix

While fans have been undoubtedly been left hungry for more, especially after a whopper of a finale, it seems the show was actually full of clues and hints that you may have missed.


Kicking off with the most widely-shared hint (even the show’s Art Director spoke about it in an interview with Netflix Korea), there was actually a way to find out what all the games were right from the start. How? Well, the walls of the players’ quarters were covered with pictograms depicting each deadly game, though you probably didn’t notice until later on in the show after the majority of the bed railings were removed as the players whittled down.

The next set of hints are some of the most mind-blowing – and they are all about player 001.

In the final episode, it was revealed that Oh II-nam, aka player 001, was actually the creator of the entire competition, but it turns out there were several hints along the way that he was the mastermind behind the whole thing, and not just an innocent old man.


TikToker @danawang explained in a video that during the honeycomb candy challenge, player 456 asks II-nam if he wants to swap shapes, but, because II-nam knew the game so well (he was the one who created the whole thing, after all), he knew the umbrella would be harder than the star and so rejected the offer to swap.

It doesn’t end there, however. The next clue that 001 wasn’t who he claimed to be comes after undercover policeman Jun-ho starts searching through the archive of players. After opening the 2020 document book, eagle-eyed fans would have spotted that it starts with player 002, with no sign of a player numbered 001.

Still from Squid Game (Netflix)Netflix

Another hint that the TikToker drew attention to was that player 001 seemed overly familiar with every single game, telling other players they were his ‘favourite’ or that he used to play them all the time when he was younger (think back to tug of war, when he was explaining his technique to the rest of his teammates). This is because he designed the whole thing ‘based off games he enjoyed and was good at when he was a child’, @danawang explains.


Meanwhile, II-nam is all smiles throughout pretty much the whole thing – his bizarrely euphoric attitude when faced with the prospect of a gory elimination each day was perhaps one of the biggest giveaways to his true identity. Not to mention his death was off-camera, unlike other eliminated players.

@danawangSpoilers coming ⚠️ Who was your favourite character? ##squidgame ##squidgamenetflix♬ MONEY – 리사 (LISA)

Many believe there was also a hint that Gi-hun, aka player 456, was going to be the winner, after II-nam gave him his 001-branded jacket because other players would ‘look down on him’ if he wasn’t wearing one. This seemingly innocent gesture could have foreshadowed the fact that player 456 would indeed go on to become the number 1 player, or could have perhaps been a signal to staff that Gi-hun shouldn’t be eliminated from the game at II-nam’s request.


If you’re already itching to re-watch to spot all the clues you missed, Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix now.

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