Squid Game Meets Toy Story In Incredible Fan Edit

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 11 Oct 2021 14:15
Squid Game Meets Toy Story In Incredible Fan Edit@markcannatarofilms/Instagram

As if Squid Game wasn’t harrowing enough already, an animator has remixed it with Toy Story, leaving fans and viewers in awe at the mashup. 

In the remix you never knew you needed, but now will not be able to ever un-see as you watch the rest of the South Korean hit series, an animator has ingeniously remade Squid Game as ‘Sid Game’.


After it became such a hit that Netflix was even sued for the traffic surge caused by the nine-episode survival series, Mark Cannataro Films has since remade the iconic game of its first episode, but with the cast of Pixar comedy Toy Story.

The series was already haunting enough, with its inspiration taken from simple childhood games, but the introduction of Woody, Buzz and the gang into the equation gives it a whole new meaning, and has left viewers astounded by the sheer artistic genius of the remix.


The animator, @makecannatarofilms, has recreated every single detail. From Woody falling over just as Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) does, to the geometric mask the Front Man wears – the video is flawless in its recreation of the scene.


With a sound design mix by Mike Monson and the original music of Red Light, Green Light by Limp Bizkit and Snoop Dogg, the video is almost as horrifying as the original. However, the panic it instilled in me seeing the beloved childhood toys get shot down was nearly too much to bare.

Other social media users also expressed a relief at the removal of some of the gore from the remix compared to Squid Game, which even saw schools warn parents against their children watching the series, due to its graphic nature.

The video has since amassed more than 169,000 likes and thousands of comments, with many people praising the remake. One wrote: ‘Other than the fact that this is REMARKABLE… the ‘Sid Game’ pun already has me weeping.’


Another wrote: 

This might be one of your best ever. Wow. You’re about to really blow up with this one I feel it. Nice one mark!!!

A third commented: ‘I held my breath thinking this was about to be violent! I was about to flip…’

Sid’s wink just about finished me off; I hope Andy hasn’t forgotten about his beloved toys and will be there to save them soon. Both the toys and participants of the real Squid Game may be viewed as just a ‘child’s plaything’ by the mystery man behind the black mask, but I think seeing blood oozing from Woody would definitely have been too much, so I’m very glad the remake was kept PG.


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