Squid Game Star Says Hit Netflix Show Could Become Reality

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Squid Game Star Says Hit Netflix Show Could Become RealityNetflix/Alamy

Squid Game could end up becoming a reality in the future, according to one of its stars.

The hit Netflix show is on track to being one of the streaming platform’s all-time popular shows. While initially arriving to little fanfare, the Korean survival series has quickly grown an audience and evolved into somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon. Expect to see a lot of green tracksuits and white Vans at Halloween this year.


Its story pits 456 debt-ridden contestants against each other in a series of childhood games; for example, the first episode sees them compete in Red Light Green Light, with bloody consequences.

Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix

Squid Game is obviously fictional, taking place in a pretty harrowing dystopia in which people would rather put their own lives at risk and readily endanger the wellbeing of others for a cash prize.

While the games and set-up are a bit fantastical, particularly the bright pastel sets and masked enforcers, it could still become a reality in future, according to Wi Ha-joon, who plays policeman Hwang Jun-ho.


‘If the extreme competition and wealth gap of our society persist or intensify, I think it might become a reality to varying degrees. But I certainly hope it never happens and I don’t think it should,’ he told The Sun.

Wi Ha-joon in Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix
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‘It’s a captivating series where a social satire about class conflict, the wealth gap and the depths of human nature is presented in a survival genre that forces the characters into ruthless competition for a massive cash prize and their lives.

‘While it captures the greed and true nature of various people at a crossroads to make choices, it also presents moving human narratives of individual characters that resonate with the viewers. That’s why I think so many people can relate to the story and immerse themselves in the series.’


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