Star Trek Star Changes Piers Morgan’s Mind About Gender Fluidity

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Nov 2017 13:29

Piers Morgan would be the first person to admit he hasn’t always been one hundred per cent on board with the idea of gender fluidity.

However, a recent appearance from Star Trek: Voyager star Sonequa Martin-Green on the Good Morning Britain sofa gave stubborn Piers pause for thought.


Sonequa plays Commander Michael Burnham in the sci-fi series, and chatted about how her role is helping to open up a discussion regarding gender fluidity.

Watch their exchange in the video below:

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Sonequa said to Piers and Susanna Reid:


I love all the political themes we’re exploring,

My character is named after her biological father, who in the story was killed when she was very young.

That is simply but profoundly a political statement of the gender fluidity of the future, where a daughter can be named after her father.

Piers confessed he felt ‘unsettled’ by the concept of gender fluidity – despite being all for transgender rights – pondering:

I’m very confused and unsettled by gender fluidity, people who wake up one day and think they’re Sonequa and the next day Michael.


He then asked Sonequa if she would be comfortable with her own young son identifying as gender fluid.

Many a more timid person would falter under Piers’ questioning. However, the 32-year-old Walking Dead actress remained cool as a cucumber.

She gave the following eloquent response:

I don’t think anyone can speak on those terms because it is such a highly sensitive and personal thing – and everyone has a right to explore that. It’s our rights as human beings. Or at least it should be.


She added:

When I speak of gender fluidity, I’m speaking about gender roles and this industry being more equal, on a more even playing field. I want us to not pay so much attention to those barriers

Now, as we all know, gender fluidity is one of Piers’ particular bugbears.


The controversial presenter once demanded to know if he could identify as an elephant should he so wish while chatting to a gender fluid guest.

(By the way: the guest was completely supportive of Piers’ hypothetical wish to identify as an elephant.)

However, Piers proceeded to do the unthinkable… He was impressed.

When Piers said ‘I have one word for that…’ viewers were bracing themselves for the worst. The ITV production team were probably scrambling for the bleeper.

However, his answer was unexpected:

… Logical.

Fair play Piers. Its very difficult for an outspoken person to back down and admit the other person has put forward a good argument, even if it is not one they necessarily agree with.

Is Piers growing up?!

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