Stephanie Beatriz’s Real Voice Is Nothing Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 06 Mar 2020 13:23
Stephanie Beatriz's Real Voice Is Nothing Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Rosa DiazNBC/Variety

Stephanie Beatriz, aka Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz, sounds absolutely nothing like her character and it’s blowing people’s minds.

The actor sounds completely different to her solemn and serious character Rosa Diaz, as demonstrated in a recent interview.


I mean, if I couldn’t see who was speaking, I’d genuinely refuse to believe it was the same person.

Check it out in Beatriz’s interview with Variety below:

One Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan tweeted their surprise, saying:


Today I learnt that Stephanie Beatriz’s voice is totally different than her character, Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I cannot un-hear it. Damn.

Another fan tweeted:

Oh my gosh I just heard Stephanie Beatriz’s real voice for the first time and it is not at all what I expected.


Rosa Diaz is known for her hard exterior and hatred of most people, while Stephanie Beatriz comes off as a ray of sunshine.

Despite being totally different to her character, one attribute Beatriz and Diaz share is that they’re both bisexual.

In the interview, Beatriz opens about her sexuality and introduces her character as also bisexual.

Stephanie Beatriz' Real Voice Is Nothing Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Rosa DiazNBC

She says:

At the time [of writing about Rosa coming out as bisexual] we didn’t have a bisexual writer in the room, so what was important to Dan and the rest of the staff was to get someone who was bi to almost like consult on the episode. It just so happened that the actor playing the bi character was also bi.

There was a group conversation with the rest of the writers…about my own coming out, and I wouldn’t say we took all that and put it on the show as my story’s very different from Rosa’s, but I think there were some really big things that were important to me as a queer person.

Stephanie BeatrizPA images

While series seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently airing in the US, British fans who are a season behind will be pleased to know season six will be coming to Netflix on March 28.

The official Twitter account for Netflix UK & Ireland made the announcement, writing: ‘you, for the last year: OK BUT WHAT ABOUT B99 s6?! us, finally: March 28.’

Hey, at least it acknowledged how much it had been dragging its feet. I mean, come on guys, an entire year?! We’ve all pretty much forgotten what happened.

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