Stephen King Reveals The One Horror Movie He Couldn’t Sit Through

by : Hannah Smith on : 01 Jun 2021 09:45
Stephen King Reveals The One Horror Movie He Couldn't Sit ThroughPA Images

He’s responsible for terrifying readers and audiences all over the world with this Horror fiction, but it turns out that Stephen King isn’t beyond getting scared himself.

The man behind The Shining, It and Pet Sematary recently revealed that there was one particular movie even he couldn’t finish watching.


King recently appeared on director and actor Eli Roth’s History of Horror TV series, where he discussed his love of the genre and some of the films that have been the biggest influence on him as an author.

Stephen King says he couldn't finish The Blair Witch Project (PA Images)PA Images

He revealed to the show that the first time he watched The Blair Witch Project, he couldn’t get through it. ‘The first time I saw [The Blair Witch Project], I was in the hospital and I was doped up,’ King said. ‘My son brought a VHS tape of it and he said, ‘You gotta watch this’. Halfway through it I said, ‘Turn it off it’s too freaky’.’

While it might seem like a cop-out from one of the world’s most iconic horror figures, King said that the movie has since gone on to become one of his favourites, and has previously acknowledged that it has been a major inspiration for some of his more recent work.


In a 2010 edition of his book Danse Macabre, King wrote:

One thing about Blair Witch: the damn thing looks real. Another thing about Blair Witch: the damn thing feels real.

And because it does, it’s like the worst nightmare you ever had, the one you woke from gasping and crying with relief because you thought you were buried alive and it turned out the cat jumped up on your bed and went to sleep on your chest.

The Blair Witch Project promotional poster (Artisan Entertainment)Artisan Entertainment

King was hardly the only person in the world to find The Blair Witch Project too much to stomach when it first hit cinemas in 1999. The ‘found footage’ filming technique was so convincing that it led to discussions over whether or not it was actually real, and there were even reports of audience members being sick while watching it in the cinema.


Comic Book points out that in the age of social media, it’s unlikely that The Blair Witch Project would have gained cult status as quickly as it did with its initial VHS release – the whole thing would likely have been immediately debunked on Twitter. But that hasn’t stopped the film from continuing to terrify even the biggest horror fans more than two decades after it’s first release.

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