Steve Carrell Finally Reveals Pam’s Final Words To Michael Scott

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Steve Carrell teased fans of The Office during last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, bringing cast members together to hint at a reboot.

Posing as audience members, Ed Helms (Andy), Ellie Kemper (Erin) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) all demanded that Steve consider bringing the popular US sitcom back in a hilarious monologue.

As Jenna stood up to get her point across, she went one step further than the rest and decided it would be a good time to remind Steve of Pam’s final words to his character Michael Scott.

The episode aired last night (November 17) and Carrell’s monologue started innocently enough, with an audience member bringing up the possibility of a reboot.

Once he’d brushed off the idea and the audience member took her seat, Kenan Thompson – a comedian and the longest-tenured cast member in SNL‘s history – stood up and demanded a reboot too.

Things then took a hilarious turn when the cast of The Office stood up from their seats in the audience and began quizzing Steve about bringing the show back.

You can watch it all unfold here:

Hilariously, Ellie Kemper, who played receptionist Erin Hannon in the show after Pam quit at the end of the fifth season, is persistent when she tells Steve that people would love to see the show on their screens one more time.

She goes on to say she is one of those people because she needs the money, to which the actor apologises and Ellie sits back in her seat – not before calling Steve a ‘jerk’ though.

Ed Helms then makes himself known, again persisting with the idea of a reboot. He tells Steve that he should seriously consider it because of the money and the fact that he wouldn’t have to do those ‘sad movies’ anymore if he brought back Michael Scott.

Pam's last words to Michael revealedNBC

But of course, The Office wouldn’t have been the same without Pam and neither would this monologue, which is why Jenna Fischer is the next cast member to stand up and quiz Steve.

Receiving a huge round of applause from the audience, Jenna decides to take a different stance and take Steve on a trip down memory lane, asking him if he remembers the last words Pam secretly whispered to Michael as she left for Denver.

Steve answers that he doesn’t, to which Jenna says:

She said: ‘Steve don’t be a d*ck, do the reboot.’

The monologue hilariously continues, with Jenna demanding that surely he wants to know what ‘Pam and Jeff’ are up to these days. Steve corrects her, reminding her that her character’s husband name is Jim and Jenna tells him to stop getting hung up on the details.

She then shouts:

Let’s just do the damn thing!

After a lot of back and forth, including an appearance from Steve’s wife and children, Steve asks the audience if they really want to see an office reboot. Obviously, the studio erupts into cheers and applause, at which point Steve gets The Office cast up on stage.

Teasing viewers, he then says:

Alright, I am proud to announce, officially…

Before ruining everyone’s day and finishing with:

…we have a great show tonight!

Steve Carrell teases The Office reunionNBC

Sorry guys, I wish I had better news for you but it looks like we won’t be seeing Pam (or Jim) and Michael on our screens anytime soon.

I’ll have to get my fix by just binge-watching every single episode instead. Looks like my productivity will be going down the drain in three.. two.. one..

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