Stranger Things: New Plot Details Revealed For Season Two


It’s been an entire six months since Stranger Things graced our TV screens.

And while filming for the second season is already underway, we haven’t heard much about what’s in store for Eleven, Will, and the rest of the gang – until now.

During the Fan2Sea Comic Con cruise over the weekend, actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Of Police Jim Hopper in the sci-fi Netflix series, confirmed a few new plot details about our favourite summer show.


And there’s a new love triangle. He said:

We have Sean Astin… he’s Winona’s new boyfriend… much to the chagrin to the Chief of Police.

Sean Astin, for those who are wondering, played Mikey Walsh in The Goonies way back when, and later Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

We don’t know much about his character in Stranger Things except that he was a former classmate of Hopper (Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder).


And then there’s Will.

Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, also recently hinted his character could become ‘a demogorgon’ in season two. Though that wouldn’t quite be the ending we were hoping for for the 12-year-old.

“It’s a year later in the story, so there are several things that happened last year, like Will has come back,” Harbour told Hollywood Life. “There are certain people in the town that know what happened, and then certain people that don’t know what happened. So there’s a lot of fall out with who knows what.”


And for those of you screaming ‘Justice for Barb’, there’s still hope. Harbour also reiterated that there will be justice for Shannon Purser’s character.

He said:

The question and the feelings that Nancy (Wheeler), played by Natalia Dyer, has that no one ever cares about her friend Barb, are very much present in the beginning of the season.

He also added that the ‘Justice for Barb’ idea will come into play, but no, unfortunately, she won’t be coming back.