Stranger Things Season 3 Confirmed By Show Creators


It’s official folks, we’re going to be heading to the Upside Down for a third time, after being confirmed by Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers.

As fans have spent weeks rewatching the season two trailer, this little bit of news is just what we needed to build the hype even more for the second season – if it’s even possible!

I mean, seriously, this might be the best TV trailer in years:

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We’d previously heard season two would lay the groundwork for the rest of the show leading up to the finale, but word was yet to come out about how many seasons there would actually be.

Matt and Ross Duffer have dropped some fresh info’ for us fans, confirming season three and even maybe a season four before The Hawkins A.V. Club graduate from small-town hell.

Ross told Vulture:

We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out.


The fact the creators have an end game already in sight is really positive for the narrative structure of the whole show, as it means it won’t be ambling along with little to no pay-off.

The two seem to be acutely aware of some of the logical pitfalls of shows like Stranger Things, saying bad things always happen to these sorts of characters, with Matt saying:

I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.


Whether we’ll actually be seeing our favourite D&D team a year on from season two remains to be seen.

The first season was released in July 2016 and the second season will hit Netflix at the end of October, making the gap between the two way over a year.

Under the Netflix model of making shows, this is actually no surprise – with no time slots to fill or particular advertising slots to draw people into – the streaming platform has no real reason to push shows out at the same time every year.


As long as they can maintain the hype between the seasons, then we might be seeing a large gap between the different outings.

As to whether the poor guys in Hawkins are going to get a happy ending, Ross revealed:

They’re going to have to get the fuck out of this town, it’s ridiculous!


Let’s hope they don’t skip town for another couple of seasons, so we can see the 80’s nostalgia masterpiece unfold before they do one.

Will we ever get justice for Barb?