Stranger Things Star Eleven Set For Huge Pay At Just 12 Years Old

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Millie Bobby Brown has been catapulted to fame through her lead role as ‘Eleven’ in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, but is now set for even bigger things… financially at least. 


The 12-year-old actress has been deemed IMDB’s ‘most searched for celebrity’ and is now, according to the Daily Mail, one of the most ‘influential’ figures in Hollywood. After the resounding success of Stranger Things and being crowned Teen Vogue’s ‘Breakout Star of 2016,’ the young actress could now command more than £3 million per movie role.

What’s even more incredible is that sum will increase once the young star turns 16. Her parents took the jump and moved from their UK home to LA, where their successful daughter already has not one but three LA-agents, an American agent and has been signed for a second series of the show which launched her career.

Industry bible Variety believes the young girl has ‘the kind of presence some actors take a lifetime to acquire [and] is about to be cast in a lot of projects’.


Another production source said:

Millie has that unquantifiable star quality.

She is also extremely talented and hard-working but, above all else, exceedingly driven, ambitious and determined. She may only be 12 but Millie, and her team, have a very focused career plan in place, and the world really is her oyster.

As of 2017, Millie can expect to earn in excess of £3 million per film – and this will shoot up once she hits 16.

Millie’s acting career started when she was annoying her Dad one weekend and he decided to find her a hobby.

She said:

I was annoying my father one Saturday and he said: “We need to find you something fun to do.”

So off she went to a weekend stage school to start to hone her craft and develop a real talent for performing.

She said:


It was acting, dancing, singing four hours every Saturday. There was a showcase and an agent said she wanted to represent me.

Things took an exciting turn when her agent suggested that in order for Millie to get parts, they needed to move to Hollyood- so they did, just like that.

The pursuit of Millie’s acting career was not without its problems; after just a few minor roles, the family had to move back to the UK last summer-on the edge of becoming bankrupt- she was then left in tears after a casting agent said she was ‘too mature.’

But then she struck gold that very same day she auditioned for Stranger Things and as we all know, the rest is history.

She said:

It’s crazy.

I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen.

And her proud dad remembered:

My other children would watch cartoons, but Mill watched musicals – Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie and Bugsy Malone. She’d belt out a tune. She was performing from day one.

Millie agreed with her dad and described her time at Pokesdown Community Primary School in Bournemouth:


I did a lot of school plays. I was a drama queen.

Despite the series’ huge popularity and his daughter’s rocketing fame, Millie’s Dad is keen for her to still lead a normal as life as possible for a 12-year-old.

He said:

It’s important for Millie not to feel under pressure,’ he says. ‘She’s a kid. She has to do her homework and chores. Everything else is a bonus.

Stephen Spielberg has given the 80s, sci-fi series high praise, deeming it as ‘the best show of the year’ and with 8.2 million viewers in its first 16 days of being released, the audience are inclined to agree.

Wow, looks like this young star is set for huge things, if I had just a fraction of what this child-actress is worth, I think I’d be very happy.

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