Fans Claim Stranger Things Star Was ‘Forced To Kiss’ Fellow Actor After Awkward Interview


Warning: This Article Contains Stranger Things 2 Spoilers


If you have caught up with Stranger Things 2, then you will know that the ending really is quite adorable.

The final scene sees the kids enjoying some together time after fending off the mind flayer and its hoard of baby demogorgons from their Upside Down invasion of Hawkins, Indiana.

As Cyndi Lauper’s eighties banger Time After Time plays, our favourite young heroes all pair up to awkwardly dance at Hawkins Middle School ‘Snow Ball’ dance.

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It is a scene that saw millions of hearts melt across the world but it is now causing controversy on social media.

That’s because actress Sadie Sink, who plays new kid on the block Max, has revealed how she really felt about having to kiss Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) during the series finale on Netflix’s Beyond Stranger Things after-show.

During a table discussion with the cast and show creators, the Duffer brothers, things became oddly heated when the interviewer asked about the dance scene.


After being questioned ‘how was shooting that?’, Ross Duffer gets on the defensive, saying to Sadie ‘it was all your fault’, as she claims that the kiss ‘was not written in the script’.

As the Duffer Brothers sit there grinning, Sadie continued to explain:

I get there the first day of filming the ‘Snow Ball’ and I am walking in, seeing the decorations and stuff.

One of you, I think it as you Ross says: ‘Oh Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’

And I am like: ‘What, no, that is not in the script… that is just not happening’.

So the whole day I was stressed out and I was like: ‘Oh my God, wait, am I going to have to do it.’

Caleb meanwhile, appearing to be taken aback by everything Sadie is saying, jokingly asks: ‘Was it that bad?’


Sadie adds:

I was thinking: ‘Is it going to happen, is it not?’ and it didn’t happen that day but then yeah, the second day of filming the Snow Ball.

Ross Duffer then replied:

You reacted so strongly to this. I was just joking, and you were so freaked out that I was like well, I gotta make her do it now.

Sadie, appearing not to believe any of it, responds: ‘So that is why it is my fault?’ with the Duffers then thanking her as they couldn’t imagine the scene without it.


Making it even worse for the two young actors, that was their first ever kiss filmed in a room filled with their parents and the whole crew.

How embarrassing!

Many fans took issue with the way that this kiss scene was dealt with and took to social media to complain:

Some noted that because of the current climate which is seeing hundreds make allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against big names in Hollywood, The Duffer brothers joking about this issue is even more inappropriate.

Even though Sadie seemed fine with it all in the end, it is clear it was not handled well.