Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Taken To Hospital


Noah Schnapp, who plays Will in Stranger Things, was rushed to hospital and forced to pull out of television appearances.

The 13-year-old actor needed medical attention for a severe case of influenza, calling it ‘life imitating art’.

Noah apologised on Twitter to his fans and Good Morning America on a thread advertising the appearance of the Stranger Things cast.

Noah wrote in the post:

Hi GMA and ST fans! Sorry I am missing this! Life imitating art. Nothin’ serious but bummed I won’t make it. Have fun tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes. Working hard, a bad flu, all ok now… back to my day life.

In celebration of Halloween, Good Morning America were hosting a Stranger Things themed event in Times Square.

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The reason Noah called it ‘life imitating art’ is because his character Will is seen lying in a similar hospital bed at the end of season one of Stranger Things.

It mirrors Will’s hospital-bound homecoming to Hawkins, Indiana, after his trip to the Upside Down.

Fans were devastated and wished the child star well, though they were glad to hear it wasn’t anything too serious.

David Harbour, Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix show, wrote: ‘Lova ya kid. Feel better.’

This news comes after Noah’s Yorkshire-born co-star Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathon Byers, was detained at LAX for cocaine possession.


He was denied entry into the US last Thursday, the day before the highly-anticipated second series of Stranger Things hit screens around the world.

Though he was not arrested, after traces of cocaine were found in his luggage, he was reportedly placed straight onto a flight back to London, forcing him to miss the season two premiere, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Heaton admitted to law enforcement officials that he had been consuming drugs.

Worryingly it is feared that Heaton may be barred from entering the US in the future, which could make filming future Stranger Things episodes a real struggle.

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Since the second season of the highly anticipated Stranger Things has started, people are noticing many connections between happenings in Hawkins and the magical universe of Harry Potter.

Stranger Things mirrors the Harry Potter series in that each season will start with a new school year for the kids, following them as they grow up and become inevitably more badass.

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As we’re spending the evenings this week with our feet up, smashing through the second season of our favourite spooky Netflix series, we wish Noah gets well soon.