Student Writes Final Dissertation On The Kardashians In Ballsiest Prank Ever


How far would you go for a joke? Would you stake your education and future career on some cheeky banter? Me either.

But Eliza Cummings-Cove is braver than me or you because she pitched a Kardashian dissertation as a joke and ended up getting a bloody first class degree.

The sociology graduate wrote nearly 10,000 words on the Kardashian’s role as a “postfeminist fairy tale” as her final piece of work, reports The Independent.

Eliza got a 76 percent grade on the dissertation in what might be the first recorded incident of the Kardashians actually making someone smarter.

"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Films At Caesars

If you’re thinking that this is totally Micky Mouse degree from a rubbish University – nope it was Durham University. Durham University, the fifth best University in the UK according to UK University Rankings 2016.

It was also where they filmed Hogwarts, so you know its good.


However, her success did not come without sacrifice as she was forced to binge-watch more than 80 hours of the Kardashian’s reality TV show – arguably a fate worse than just failing University completely and wasting 27k on fees.

Binge watching the most banal show on television wasn’t Eliza’s only issue, she had to also deal with the mockery of her friends who thought her dissertation was “completely ridiculous.”

One particuarly unsympathetic fellow student said:

Every time I see your stupid title, it makes me sad.

You and me both, you and me both.

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Unfortunately Eliza’s brain does seem to have been permanently warped by the experience as she concluded:

There was probably a lot more to the family than meets the eye.

Just goes to show that too much exposure to the Kardashians will break your mind.

You’ve been warned.