Stunt Woman’s Compensation For Losing Arm On Set Doesn’t Even Cover Medical Bills

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Sep 2019 14:31
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A stunt woman who lost an arm while on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is now suing the film producers for breach of contract and misrepresentation.


Olivia Jackson almost died in 2015 after the motorcycle she was riding crashed with a mechanical arm which had been carrying a mounted camera. As well as her lost arm, Jackson, 38, suffered a range of other injuries, including to her brain and spine.

Jackson is now suing film producers, Paul Anderson and Jeremy Bolton, who she claims ‘abandoned’ her after promising to pay her medical bills while she was still in a coma.

According to the MailOnline, Anderson and Bolton offered to pay for her medical treatment, however this was under the condition that she sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Jackson has claimed she was therefore forced to rely on the ‘woefully inadequate’ insurance she was given, which covered just $33,000 of her medical bills. Furthermore, Jackson has claimed she received a loss of earnings payout worth just $990.

This sum has reportedly proven insufficient to cover even one of the major surgeries Jackson has had to endure over the course of the last four years, and does not take into account the extensive treatment she has required.

Attorney Julian Chamberlayne, who is leading Jackson’s case, told the MailOnline:

The $33,000 that was made available does not cover the cost of even one of the many major surgeries that Ms Jackson needs.

She could need 10 or more surgical procedures. This does not take into account any of the prosthetics, aids or therapies that Ms Jackson requires, which could each cost tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The lawsuit details the horrific injuries suffered by Jackson following the accident:

The force of the blow was so severe that it sliced through her forearm, obliterating the bone in the process (the bone was never recovered), before tearing into her cheek, pulling the flesh back and leaving her teeth exposed.

The impact twisted her shoulder blade backwards, ripping five nerves connected into her spinal column out at the root.

She suffered multiple fractures to her spine, her eye socket, her ribs, her shoulder scapula and clavicle, her humerus and her forearm, her thumb was torn off, her arm became paralyzed, her brain bled and swelled, an artery was severed in her forearm and multiple arteries ruptured in her neck.

The lawsuit claims Jackson had been tasked with a ‘dangerous and technically complex motorcycle scene in adverse weather’. Jackson has claimed she only found out there was no liability coverage for her claim when it was too late.


The brave stunt-woman has inspired many people with her positive outlook following her injuries, sharing her recovery with fans via Instagram.

In one moving post, Jackson wrote:

The constant pain is unexplainable. I can’t actually remember what it feels like to be in a normal, pain free body.

It’s so tempting to hate the people that did this to me. I try, rather, to use that energy to focus on getting better and staying positive.

The defendants have reportedly yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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