Superman Costume Spotted On Set Of The Batman

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 17 Oct 2020 09:51
Superman Costume Spotted On Set Of The BatmanWarner Bros.

Photos have surfaced of someone wearing a Superman suit on the set of Robert Pattinson’s upcoming Batman movie, leaving fans curious as to what the two character’s relationship will be.

The photo was shared on social media yesterday, October 16, in which someone in the background can be seen wearing what appears to be a Superman costume.


This has come as a surprise to many after it was confirmed that Pattinson’s Batman would be set in a different universe, leaving a lot people unsure how Superman would come into it.

Warner Bros.

This new photo, however, suggests The Batman will connect with larger DC mythology, says ScreenRant.

Sharing the photo was Twitter user @yassinfinite who wrote, ‘Sooooo @SamMcTweets just sent me this pic. Sooooo this means two things one this is 100% a Halloween party […] And 2 DOES SUPERMAN F*CKING EXIST IN THE REEVERSE!!!!!!’


While some believe this confirms the Superman/Batman relationship continues in this DC Universe, others believe it was simply just a Halloween party with someone dressed up as Superman.

Knocking back the ideas that this was just a party-goer, @yassinfinite wrote, ‘Also btw this dude was on the extra’s bus and got into set. This ain’t a random dude.’

Many people remained sceptical, however. One person wrote, ‘Even if its just a halloween party, wouldn’t that still confirm that supes does exist in the universe. Knowing WB tho, it might just be another Easter egg [sic].’


Another person commented, ‘Did it ever occur to anyone that it might be a setup? To get the Internet talking?’

Robert Pattinson in The BatmanWarner Bros.

Someone else argued that it was just a cosplayer for the Halloween party they were shooting for the movie.

They said:


Probably a reference to the older Superman (Reeves or Routh) and there’s no Superman in this verse..yet. Most capes are not CGIed, I doubt they’d make it this easy, especially for Supe’s character. This is definitely a cosplayer for the Halloween party [sic]

Another sceptical Twitter user wrote, ‘If Superman was going to show up in The Batman, I don’t think they’d just let the actor walk around a set surrounded by people live-tweeting. I’m hoping they make some sort of in-universe reference to him though, like maybe a guy showing up to a party dressed as him.’

I guess we won’t know for sure until March 4, 2022…

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