Sylvester Stallone’s Creed 2 Workout Regime Proves Age Is Just A Number

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Jul 2018 12:36
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Is there a more iconic work-out montage in movie history than Sylvester Stallone running up those steps in Rocky, pumped full of determination and resilience?


Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa, is now at a stage in his life where he’s ready to pass down his wisdom to the next generation, acting as a mentor and father figure to new star Adonis Creed (Michael B.Jordan).

But this doesn’t mean Stallone is sat around in his pipe and slippers just yet. Sly has turned 72-years-old today, (July 6) and is still putting gym buffs half his age to shame.

Not one to slack off, the veteran actor is putting himself through the paces as he prepares for Creed 2. And this isn’t exactly your grandpa’s Thursday afternoon keep fit class…


A prolific Instagrammer, Mr Stallone is all about showing off his impressive strength as he preps for the upcoming boxing sequel. And his upper body strength is next level.

In a gym vid – which seriously needed the addition of the Rocky theme music – Stallone could be seen practicing pull-ups with a whopping 100 lbs of weight strapped to his body.

In a ‘sly’ humble-brag, the iconic actor captioned the video with following shrug:

Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel! LOL.

Always making sure to hashtag Creed 2, Stallone also shared footage of himself using a paddle/swim ergometer, giving his shoulders, back and chest a hardcore work-out.

Another clip shows him doing The Headbanger Pull-up, one of the most intense pull-up variations a human being can attempt.

This pull-up is specially designed to simultaneously work out the core as well as the upper body, and is very, very tough going.


And of course, we’ve also seen footage of Stallone practicing his boxing skills, an activity he’s described as being ‘still the most exhilarating exercise there is.’

Stallone’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, told Men’s Journal how the septuagenarian is still more than capable of throwing a brutal punch:

Boxing is obviously a huge part of his life and his training, The guy doesn’t know how to stay still, whether it comes to reps or new challenges.

Check out some of the Italian Stallion’s most memorable moments for yourself below:

And Sly isn’t the only one hitting the weights room…

60-year old Rocky IV actor Dolph Lundgren – who will appear in Creed 2 – has also been getting in formidable shape for his character Ivan Drago’s hotly anticipated return.


In an Instagram post showing him putting his all into his work-out, Lundgren wrote, ‘Getting ready for something big!’ with the hashtags Ivan Drago and Creed 2.

All this bulking up has sparked some exciting rumours about the potential for Rocky and Drago to face each in the ring once again.

Given their respective ages, you might think it’s a ludicrous suggestion.

But just take a look at Sly’s muscles in this pic, which make Jason ‘Shark Slayer’ Statham look like a ten-year-old boy:

Also see Exhibit B, Stallone’s incredible six-pack, built from many gruelling hours of solid work:

As the actor prepares for his birthday celebrations, fans have taken to social media to show their admiration for Stallone, who’s just as dedicated as his most famous character.

One person tweeted:

Sylvester is 71 going on 52.

Another approved:

Not too many 71 year olds in that kind of shape, @TheSlyStallone is truly inspirational! Always has been, always will be #LivingLegend.

There’s still some serious power left in that body, and I for one can’t wait for the release of Creed 2 on November 30, 2018, whether or not Rocky is in the ring.

A very happy birthday to an absolute legend and our new gymspiration.

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