Take Me Out Are Looking For People To Appear On The Show


If you fancy doing something ‘productive’ with your Saturday night that doesn’t involve spending another evening in ‘spoons until last orders, maybe a spot  on Take Me Out is for you.

The next series of Take Me Out, presented by Paddy McGuinness, is already looking for contestants who are willing to risk their dignity and embarrass their friends and family, all for that fickle thing we call love.

Now into its tenth series of generating countless matches that range from love-at-first-sight to DEFCON ONE style levels of hostile, they are now looking for the next batch of singletons to take part in the popular dating game.


I can’t claim to know how Take Me Out works, as I’m too busy watching clouds form and dissipate in the sky. But from what I gather from my colleagues, the basic premise is a Jack-the-lad type male presents himself to a host of female contestants like he’s some sort of PowerPoint presentation.

Then he and the female suitors perform unspeakable acts of lunacy in front of a live studio audience and a nation of viewers, egged on by the almost malevolent Paddy McGuinness. Because that’s how modern day dating works I guess.

If I’m wrong you should go and apply for the new series and prove it to me – chances are I won’t be watching so the point is moot.


If you do happen to have some interest, and more importantly you’re over the age of 18, you can fill out an application by clicking here (for men) and here (for women).

You never know, one day I may end up watching an episode you’re on, stranger things have happened…