Takeshi’s Castle Is Finally Coming Back


Takeshi’s Castle is returning to UK screens, but there are going to be a few changes to the show.

The hugely popular Japanese game show is being rebooted, and this time round Craig Charles won’t be the commentator to lead us through the ridiculously difficult challenges that I’m pretty sure nobody ever won.

Instead, it’s going to be Jonathon Ross providing narration over the mayhem and comedic gold.

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Comedy Central is going to be showing the brand new episodes ‘this autumn’, according to Digital Spy.

The series has been shot in Thailand, and will apparently see 100 members of the public attempt the obstacle courses as they attempt to storm a castle.

The original show was an extravaganza that only the bizarre Japanese TV industry could come up with.


Takeshi’s Castle, for those who don’t know, is a game show which sees members of the public try and overcome obstacles as they attempt to storm a castle owned by Takeshi Kitano.

Takeshi Kitano, also known as Beat Takeshi, was a count, who set up the challenges for those who were trying to get to him.

The show was pure magic, and during its first airing in 1986 and its final show in 1990, it gained massive cult status throughout the world.


There was a revival of the show in 2013 with CBBC presenters Dick and Dom taking over the commentators role.

Louise Holmes, Vice President, General Manager, Comedy Central UK, said:

Takeshi’s Castle is the gold standard of physical game shows and we can’t wait to bring the delightful mayhem of this show back to the UK with this new series.

Jonathan’s comedic brilliance will add a fresh level of funny to this well-loved format for both original fans and hopefully, a whole new generation of ‘Keshi-heads.’

This sounds like it could be amazing, let’s hope they keep the music and look the same.

Speaking at the time of the reboot in 2013, General Lee had this to say:

First and foremost, seeing people in the UK enjoy the programme, I am so very honoured I was a part of it. I truly am.

This programme was aired and was popular in the US in the past, but I am really glad it also gained popularity in the UK, if slightly in a different way…

In my opinion, people have a secret desire to get all muddy and have a good time. It’s all mud and water in Takeshi’s Castle – there’s no concrete.


We absolutely cannot wait, General Lee we hope will not disappointed.

Let’s just hope someone actually wins the damn thing this time.