Teacher Slowly Writes Avengers: Endgame Spoilers On Board To Make Class Stop Talking

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 20 Apr 2019 19:59
teacher writes avengers spoilers on boardteacher writes avengers spoilers on boardu/Kyle_sch/Reddit

Getting a rowdy class to quieten down must be one of the hardest parts of being a teacher.


Trying to calm down a class as a substitute teacher must be even harder then, as you haven’t built up any kind of rapport with the students and instead have to try to assert your authority pretty much based on nothing.

I’m sure we can all remember a time where the class didn’t make it very easy for the teacher to do their job.

As the new Avengers film makes its way around though, breaking records and sending some people to the hospital in the process, one substitute teacher figured out an ingenious way to keep his class under control.


Spoilers are just the worst, right? Especially when it comes to something as hyped as Avengers: Endgame. In fact, even spoiling the film for others could send you to the hospital too.

The level of secrecy surrounding Endgame was so much that even the directors, the Russo brothers, asked people not to give away any spoilers, while they reportedly made Mark Ruffalo, aka Hulk, record five different endings to the film because he can’t be trusted with any real plot details.

However, when you’ve seen a film that others haven’t, and they’re desperate for no spoilers, you hold a certain power over them – which is what this substitute chemistry teacher realised as he was struggling to control his class.

According to a post on r/teenagers on Reddit, the unnamed teacher would write an Avengers spoiler on the board every time the class talked. As you can imagine, it worked a treat.

Check it out:

teacher writes avengers endgame spoilers on board to stop class talkingteacher writes avengers endgame spoilers on board to stop class talkingu/Kyle_sch/Reddit

The picture was shared by thousands of people, drawing many appreciative comments from other users, with some people calling it an ‘outstanding move’.


And while some people pointed out that, predictably, there would be at least one kid in the class who doesn’t care about the film, the reaction of those that do would be enough to keep them quiet too.

As one person wrote: ‘Until you get that one kid who doesn’t give a shit about endgame and wants to spoil it for everyone’.

Another replied: ‘One of my classmates legit punched that kid today. He got suspended’.

People hate spoilers.

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