Tens Of Thousands Of Game Of Thrones Fans Will Call In Sick To Work Today

by : UNILAD on : 15 Apr 2019 07:45
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Game of Thrones returned to our screens today (April 15) for its very final season.


The first episode of the hit show’s eighth season aired last night in America at 9pm Eastern Time, so UK fans got up in the early hours of this morning to watch it at 2am.

As any dedicated fan will tell you, if you want to avoid inevitable spoilers, this really is a must.

Thousands of people are expected to call in sick to work today, tired from getting up in the middle of the night to watch Game of Thrones.


As reported by The West Australian, sick days a-plenty were expected in Western Australia as the show aired at 9am on Monday morning, when most workers will be starting their day.

TV Tonight blog editor David Knox told the news outlet he predicted more than 500,000 Australians would likely watch the first episode live.

He said:

If your workmate calls in sick on Monday, chances are they have a bad case of Westerositis, which will likely repeat for the next few weeks.

If you dare to spoil them with a death you’ve read about on social media, prepare to be cut from the will.

If someone did that to me, they would be cut out of my life let alone ‘the will’.

Slater and Gordon employment lawyer Daniel Stojanoski agreed with Knox, adding that while taking leave is legal, falsely claiming to be ill is illegal.


Stojanoski said:

I can definitely say there will be a bigger rate of people taking the day off to watch Game of Thrones because it’s a Monday, it’s convenient.

Also, the Eagles and the Dockers are playing on Saturday night. Perth Glory is playing on Sunday night at home. What a wonderful epic long weekend bender! Watch the footy, watch the football, watch Game of Thrones.

The lawyer also advised if you plan to watch Game of Thrones live it would be best to ask your employer for flexibility, instead of calling in sick.

Fans on Twitter shared their reactions to the show, with some admitting they were thinking of calling in sick.

One woman wrote:

First day at new job and all I care about is Game of Thrones. Can I pls call in sick, go hide somewhere and watch the episode?

Claro added:

Dear employers,

Despite what they said , your employees aren’t sick today. They’re all just watching Game of Thrones.


To be honest, I am quite proud of myself for going into work this morning after a long Westeros-filled night.

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