Terrifying New Show ‘Lore’ Is The Horror Version Of ‘Black Mirror’

Amazon Prime

Lore, a terrifying new TV show from Amazon, looks like it could be the Black Mirror of horror. 

Based on the podcast of the same name, Lore will tell six terrifying stories adapted from the frighting radio show and will feature such horrors as vampires, lobotomies and of course the haunted doll, Robert.

The show, in podcast form at least, is hosted by Aaron Mahnke, who documents historical folklore and tells real-life tales of terror to the delight of over five million listeners every month.

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Amazon’s series will follow a similar format – adapting six of the more popular episodes into stand alone stories and will blend documentary footage and mixed media.

It will also have Mahnke’s narration, in an effort t0 bring the podcast to life.

The show’s got an amazing pedigree, as well boasting executive producers who’ve worked on shows like The Walking Dead and The X-Files.

Amazon Prime

As a fan of the podcast I can’t wait for the show to start and the trailer seems to blend everything I love about Lore into one perfect, if horrifying, witches brew.

Lore premieres Friday 13 October on Amazon Prime and remember, sometimes the truth is scarier than the fiction…