New Trailer For Abyssal Spider Is An Arachnophobe’s Nightmare

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Aug 2020 12:45
Terrifying New Thriller Abyssal Spider Is An Arachnophobe's NightmareDeepjoy Picture Corporation

Move over, Godzilla: get ready for Abyssal Spider, Joe Chien’s monster nightmare designed for arachnophobes and those terrified of the ocean. 

Honestly, I’m not scared of many things: clowns don’t bother me too much; I believe in ghosts but I’m not constantly afraid; and I absolutely love heights, contrary to many’s vertigo.


However, two things really get under my skin: spiders and the sea. (Un)fortunately, there’s a brand-new movie that combines those two fears into one grisly, horrifying package.

Check out the trailer for Abyssal Spider below: 


When I say I’m scared of the ocean, I don’t mean a little paddle on the coast, or swimming out about 50 metres from the beach. I’m talking deep blue sea, the open abyss of uncharted waters, a world of roaming creatures that nobody will never fully comprehend.


So when a movie like this comes along, one that suggests a colossal boat-munching arachnid could hide in those stormy depths, it’s highway to the thalassophobia zone.

Abyssal Spider Poster 1Deepjoy Picture Corporation

The official synopsis explains: 

Rescue member Ajie (played by Wang Yangming) and his companions rescued a reef tanker in the storm, but met the captain who was stubborn and unwilling to give up. At the same time, a dark shadow haunted the deep sea and dragged everyone into the sea. The surviving Ajie from then on, bearing the shadow of the death of colleagues, became decadent and disheartened.


The trailer doesn’t even give the audience a tiny peak at the spider, opting for a far more Godzilla-esque tone – focusing on the scrambling hysteria and clashing emotions of the people on the water as they strategise against an unfathomable being.

Abyssal SpiderDeepjoy Picture Corporation

Don’t worry, though – the poster art for the film exposes the spider in all its horrible glory, towering above the fishing boat like The Perfect Storm‘s wave, lurking below like a Megalodon.

The plot sees Ajie rejoin the fishing boat, where ‘accidents begin to spread frequently… some people fell into the sea and died unexpectedly, and food and drinking water were destroyed. Because of the space pressure in the cabin and the lack of air and food, people began to clamour and panic’.

Abyssal Spider 2Deepjoy Picture Corporation

The synopsis adds: 

When the trapped people face the severe test of the storm, they find that the most dangerous thing is far more than this. There are unknown creatures under the water… the savage people must put aside their prejudices and work together to survive.

Abyssal Spider is set for release on September 11 this year – however, it’s currently unclear where it will be available to watch or stream.


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