Terry Crews Nominates Himself To Play King Triton In Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 07 Jul 2019 12:54
Terry Crews Nominates Himself To Play King Triton In Disney's Live-Action Little MermaidTerry Crews Nominates Himself To Play King Triton In Disney's Live-Action Little Mermaidterrycrews/Twitter/PA

Terry Crews has nominated himself to play Ariel’s dad in Disney’s live remake of The Little Mermaid, and the internet is determined to make it happen.


The actor shared a photoshopped image of himself with a tail in front of Ariel’s castle from the animated Little Mermaid and it’s nothing short of incredible.

‘Ariel’s Dad!!!’ he wrote, adding ‘#ArielsGotTerry #AmericasGotTerry.’

Fans are now desperate to see the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star in the reboot of the Disney classic, alongside Halle Bailey, who has been cast as Ariel in the remake.


One person joked: ‘Well okay, but only if there’s a scene where he beats up Ursula using nothing but his pecs,’ while another added: ‘I don’t like Disney live-action remakes, but I’ll watch this one if this were to happen.’

Although his post was tongue-in-cheek, it comes after Disney faced backlash for casting Halle as Ariel because of the colour of her skin.

Some people aren’t happy with the casting of Halle, arguing the actor who plays Ariel should also be white with red hair – although under that argument, must they also have blue scales?

In fact, some people are so adamant the actor should be white they’re trying to use mermaid science to support their arguments about the mythological creature.

Halle BaileyHalle BaileyPA Images

According to mermaid science, the half-human, half-fish creatures are white because they live under water and have less melanin, resulting in a lighter skin colour.

Actor Todrick Hall has hit back at the ‘racists’ complaining about a black Ariel, pointing out that most white Disney princesses were created when black people were forced to eat in separate parts of restaurants to their white counterparts.


He wrote on Instagram:

Art should reflect the times and if white people get Elsa, Anna, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Merida (who also has red hair), Snow White, Belle, Ariel & Rapunzel it seems a bit entitled to compare the fact there is one princess of Indians, blacks and Asians is enough.

And we all know that the Princess and the Frog was nothing in comparison to those classic movies that were made with Disney’s all star Dream Team, and also the one black Princess WAS A FROG THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE. Also she’s a mermaid and it’s 2019…If they can CGI Margot Robbie’s face onto an Olympic figure skaters rotating body, I think they can handle giving a black girl red hair.

He continued:

It could actually be beautiful, but either way, that seems like such a small detail to harp on.

I know it’s probably a hard concept to grasp, but this is how minorities have felt for the past thousand years and we’ve just had to deal with it. Fun fact for you also, There are over 60 Disney animated films and only 8 of them STAR people of any other race than white the Jungle Book, Moana, Coco, Princess & the Frog, Pocahontas, Mulan, Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch so in the words of my good friend Taylor Swift…you need to calm down.

If they all of a sudden decide to do Cinderella and cast a man as Cinderella and have a gay prince, it would be ridiculous for people to fight and try to compare the representation because there has NEVER BEEN A GAY PRINCE. People were made that Brandy was cast as Cinderella and guess what? She was great and the world moved on. I think we can give Halle Bailey a shot at finally being part of ‘your world’ you RACISTS. ALSO, can I be Sebastian Thanx bye. [sic]

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