The Bizarre Link Between Home Alone And Friends That No One Noticed For Ten Years

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Imagine if you could find a link between your two favourite nineties franchises, Home Alone and Friends, that would be mind blowing wouldn’t it? Well consider your mind blown because there is one. 

Best of all this isn’t some bullshit theory about how Kevin becomes Gunther or some made up shit like that, this is actually definitely true with real facts and everything.

Fans of Friends may remember that Monica and Chandler abandoned their gorgeous Manhattan apartment for a house in the New York suburbs. But what house could possibly tempt them out of the urban jungle?

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Well, how about the Mcallister house from Home Alone! Yes you read that right, Chandler and Monica moved into that house according to online production company 22 Vision.

Now you may be thinking ‘that’s bullshit, Kevin’s from Chicago not New York’ and you’d be right but according to the video, which explains the whole thing, the houses opposite the Home Alone mansion match up exactly with the outside of Chandler and Monica’s windows.

22 Vision even went to the trouble of getting in touch with the people who lived in the real Home Alone house who confirmed it’s the same one in both cases.

Check out the full video below…

They think the reason for Monica and Chandler buying that particular house is because the Friends crew used ‘Home Alone stock footage’ to make the world outside the windows and nobody noticed.

So Chandler and Monica managed to snag a super impressive house, not bad for a chef and a man who works with transponsters.