The Chase Accused of Being Fixed And People Are Outraged


ITV quiz show The Chase has come under fire yet again after viewers accused the celebrity special of being fixed.

Angry fans took to Twitter to air their claims that ‘chaser’ Shaun Wallace – aka ‘The Barrister’ – was deliberately answering questions wrong to make sure the team won the jackpot for charity, reports the Huffington Post. 

They pointed out the chaser very rarely gets as many questions wrong when the regular contestants compete: 

However, this isn’t the first time the show has been accused of being fixed.

Last month eagle-eyed viewers noticed the clock ‘freeze’ during the final Chase – allegedly giving the Chaser an unfair advantage – although producers insisted it was caused by a post-production editing error.

But it doesn’t end there, Bradley Walsh has also been accused of asking the Chaser’s questions faster – an allegation he denies.


He told the Radio Times: 

We have lawyers on the floor to watch all of this. I read them at exactly the same speed for both.

If I’ve got [the Chaser] answering questions for two minutes and I’ve got a team answering for two minutes, the team aren’t going to be quicker.

They have to press the button [before answering], which is why they get a head start based on how many people are in the final.

As far as the celebrity special goes, it does seem like the Chaser could be getting some questions wrong on purpose – but the money does go to charity after all…