The Chase Is Looking For New Contestants


Buckle up people, ITV‘s The Chase is looking for contestants.

The daytime staple is on the prowl for new talent, hoping to bag filthy lucre while laying waste to the formidable Chasers.

It could be you. ‘Cause let’s face it, most people who go on The Chase are bang average, just like the UK public!


As per their website:

As a contestant on the show you must answer general knowledge questions and play your tactics right in order to get yourself into the Final Chase, where you could win a cash pot worth thousands of pounds.

However, standing in your way is the common enemy, the Chaser, hunting you down every step of the way.

How will you fare against our famous five, can you beat them and go home with an equal share of the money or will the Chasers reign supreme?


As for the eligibility criteria:

You must be a legal resident of and currently live in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

You are not nor have previously been employed by us, the Broadcaster or any of the ITV group of companies during the past 10 (ten) years.

You are not a partner or relative of an employee of us, the Broadcaster or any of the ITV group of companies.


Just think of the pros: money, fame, power, meeting Bradley Walsh.

The cons? You might look a bit silly if beaten by the Beast or the Destroyer on national television and probably won’t do so well in the banter department when sinking some shandies with friends at your local around the time of airing but, hey, it’ll pass.

If anything, it’s something for the Tinder bio. You can apply right here. Good luck!