The Chicken Connoisseur Is Getting His Very Own TV Show

Chicken Connoisseur

We live in a world where people become worldwide superstars for absolutely no discernible reason whatsoever.

It seems we can’t go a day without news feeds becoming inundated with talentless hacks and controversial nobodies.

But through all that, there is one shining light who graced the good halls of YouTube with his prescient and incisive insight into the chicken shops of London.

Yes, that’s right, The Chicken Connoisseur, or as he is known to his family and friends Elijah Quashie.

Mr Connoisseur was a sole bastion of light on social media for some months, but he seems to have disappeared for some unknown reason.

Well worry no more, because he is returning to our screens once more – but not our computer screens.

That’s because the Chicken Connoisseur is making his way to his very own brand new show for Channel 4, and it’s airing later this year.

The show, which is titled The Peng Life, will see Elijah and his special guests find out how to get the best things in life.

He is going to sample good food, good fashion and all things in between at ‘street’ and ‘elite’ levels to decide which is best.

For those who don’t know, Elijah Quashie has a YouTube account which has racked up millions of views.

He specialises in reviewing fried chicken in North and East London, and became an internet sensation as a result.

Most of his episodes will rack up well over millions of views and he has created a real audience for himself.

YouTube/ Chicken Connoisseur

In a statement confirming the new show, Quashie said:

On YouTube I do the chicken ting, but now on Channel 4 I’m reviewing everything. The cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff. Basically the deadest stuff you’ll ever find to the most expensive, baller status stuff.

I’ll see if it’s worth the moolah. Hold tight.

Becky Cadman, Channel 4‘s factual entertainment commissioner, said:

We’re here to develop ideas with exciting, raw British talent and Elijah has shown these qualities in bucketloads.

We could not pass on the chance to bring his captivating presence to TV.

It’s definitely a smart move by Channel 4, who will no doubt be trying to get younger audiences invested in shows to combat the move to on-demand and streaming services.

In an interview with The Guardian last year, Quashie thanked Gregg Wallace of Masterchef for his inspiration.

He said:

I wondered to myself, what makes his opinion more valued than everyone else’s? Is it because he’s been eating more food, so he has an experienced palate?

I’m not sure. I thought, no one is doing this for the type of people who eat at chicken shops.

This isn’t me being cliched, but I genuinely don’t know what life would be like without them.

chicken connoisseurYouTube/Chicken Connoisseur

He continued:

When I link up with my friends, we go to the chicken shop and eat and chill. If not there, we might end up going to someone’s house but then someone has to cook and it’s a bit long.

The air date for the programme is to be confirmed but we absolutely can’t wait.