The Full Voting From I’m A Celeb Has Been Revealed


The jungle queen has been crowned, but was reality TV sweetheart Scarlett Moffatt always the favourite to win?

The answer is a resounding yes according to the Mirror, as voting results from throughout the series have now been revealed.

And you guessed it, the Gogglebox star topped every one.


Witty Scarlett stole the nation’s heart on Gogglebox, but cemented herself further as a TV favourite on I’m A Celeb, beating Joel Dommett and Adam Thomas to the finish line.

It seems that the votes, pretty much circulated around the same three contestants for much of the show; Scarlett, Joel and Adam, with the latter two switching between second and third place until the end vote.

The vote count shows that Scarlett always received at least 20 per cent more of the vote than any contestant at any one time, with everybody’s else’s figures dwindling behind in single figures.


Things got tighter when it got down to the final four however, at least between the three favourites as Scarlett narrowly beat Joel with 33.46 per cent, who got 29.21, who beat Adam, who got 25.83 per cent of the vote. Phew.

Scarlett started streaking ahead again when it was down to the final three, taking 39.96 per cent to Joel’s 31.89 per cent and Adam lagging behind with 28.15 per cent.

She was eventually and perhaps inevitably, crowned the winner, taking 45.17 per cent of the vote, a huge majority over Joel’s 38.2 per cent.


Even right at the beginning of the show, Scarlett was a firm favourite, just missing out on the ‘Camp President’ title to Larry Lamb who won 24.75 per cent, but safely landing herself the Vice President role, taking with her a large proportion of the vote.

Surprisingly though, in the first Bushtucker Trial, Scarlett still topped the leader boards with 21,63 per cent- massively outweighing everyone else’s share.

A downside to her lion’s share of the vote in this particular task though, meant she had to do the trial.


The same happened to Joel and Adam who were part of the top three-clan, when the public voted for them the most meaning they were left cruelly stranded.

It happened again, for the next Bushtucker Trial, when Joel and Adam scored 20.92 per cent and 17.55 per cent respectively.

Things started to take a turn though when the Danny vs Martin drama emerged, with the pair of them scoring higher numbers of public votes in order for them to do the challenge. Martin scored the most with 35.5 per cent and Danny, 21.1 per cent.


This was reflected in the next three Bushtucker Trials with Danny and Martin nearly always in the top three for the challenge.

Bizarrely, despite supposedly being one of the favourites, Adam was nearly always in second or third place for the Bushtucker Trials.

Poor Martin however took a whopping 55.93 per cent of the vote for the ‘Claim of Thrones Part 1’ challenge and he was top of the ranks for the next Bushtucker Challenge.


After the saga, Danny was booted out of the camp with a minuscule 4 per cent of the vote, closely followed by Lisa.

Scarlett then topped the ranks, seeing off the rest of the women, until her glorious win at the finale.

She seems to be even more popular than last year’s jungle queen, Vicky Pattison, with Managing partner at TV and consumer brand PR agency Taylor Herring saying she has a larger appeal due to her ‘authenticity.’

He said:

‘She’s famous for playing herself and the public have fallen in love with her no-nonsense, witty personality.’


It’s extremely interesting to see how the results really panned out and it’s crystal clear that Scarlett had her jungle glory firmly in the bag from day one.

Congratulations to her, well played.