The Identity Of Ugly Naked Guy Off ‘Friends’ Finally Revealed

by : UNILAD on : 01 Jun 2016 11:03
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There are a few things that remain a mystery after the finale of Friends aired; Why did Ross’s birthday change from December to October? Did Janice really stay away from Monica and Chandler? And who actually played Ugly Naked Guy?

Well, thanks to a year-long investigation by the Huffington Post, we can shut the blinds on that last one, because the identity of Ugly Naked Guy has finally been revealed.


Ugly Naked Guy made his way into many episodes, but was only seen on-screen two times – in season three’s ‘The One With The Giant Poking Device’ and season five’s ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out’ – in which Ugly Naked Guy moves out after Ross strips down and eats muffins with him in a bid to get his great apartment.

But, in both episodes, we never actually saw his face.

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Originally, multiple sources claimed that Michael Hagerty – who played building superintendent Mr. Treeger — also played Ugly Naked Guy on Friends. But, like most rumours circulating on the Internet, it turned out to be false.


Apparently, even the show’s creator David Crane had no clue who played the guy. But, just when all hope seemed lost, a clue came from producer Todd Stevens.

He told Huffington Post:

Here’s what I remember. It was an extra, and we wanted it to fly under the radar because we didn’t want somebody, like, being Ugly Naked Guy. We just had Central [booking agency] send a few people over. It was not somebody with a history on the show.

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And, nearly a year later, they got word from Ugly Naked Guy. His real name is Jon Haugen.

He looks like this:

Haugen told Huffington Post on the phone: “You want to let the world know who the real Ugly Naked Guy is, huh? There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me.”


Amazing. That’s one Friends mystery solved.

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