The Inbetweeners Could Be Set For A Reboot With An Awful Twist

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jan 2017 17:03
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The Inbetweeners is set to re-launch, but its ‘new look’ means it will not be as we know it…


Our favourite sitcom of the noughties is apparently getting a make-over, ready for a reboot in the not-so-distance future, but creators of the show have made some interesting decisions…

According to Broadcast, the production company, Banijay UK, behind the hit TV programme are planning to bring it back – but here’s the catch – without any of the original cast or writers.

Is it even The Inbetweeners at all then? No, in my opinion.


The production company’s bosses are apparently keen to ‘revitalise’ it, even if that means changing the characters and the writing completely.

Company Executive Peter Langengberg told Broadcast:

It’s not feasible for the cast to reprise their roles at that stage of life, but the brand is so strong that I’m definitely interested in seeing if we could take a new spin on it.

Then original we all know and love, started out on E4 in 2008 and starred Simon Bird as Will, Joe Thomas as Simon, Blake Harrison as Neil and James Buckley as Jay.

Writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris were behind the huge success of the series’ three seasons and two films, but it seems they will not be involved in the new revamped version.

While I can understand the reasoning behind it, the original gang having all now grown up, flown the nest and moved on, it still seems a travesty they’re not involved.


I can’t even imagine how it’s going to work at all in the same way, because surely they haven’t forgotten the failure which was MTV’s desperate attempt to create a US version…

Well it bombed.

But who knows, with a good creative team behind them and a funny cast there is a chance it could still do well.

But in my eyes, it’ll never be the same. Never.

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