The Mandalorian Chapter 10: ‘The Passenger’ Review

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Nov 2020 18:03

Well, it finally happened, The Mandalorian made me dislike The Child. Okay, dislike is a strong word but the little green tyke was basically the villain of this episode, and I honestly don’t know how to feel about it, but we’ll get to that.

Following on from blowing up the Krayt Dragon, Mando and his adopted bundle of joy find themselves with no leads as to where the remaining Mandalorians are, so they do what everyone in Star Wars does when they’re looking for something, they go the cantina.


As is the tradition in a galaxy far, far, away, they almost immediately find a new job. Mando’s to escort a frog lady (that’s the character’s name) to the moon of Trask so she can have her husband fertilise her eggs (best not to think about the mechanics) and in exchange, she’ll tell him about a secret enclave on Mandalorians.

Sounds easy enough? Well, of course, there’s the added wrinkle that they can’t use hyperdrive or they’ll kill the frog lady’s eggs. Sure enough almost as soon as they’re off-world Mando’s attacked by the New Republic and his ship crash lands on an ice moon.

Will Mando, the child, and the titular passenger survive? Well, that would be telling…


What I can say is I did enjoy this episode, with some reservations, the first being my aforementioned issues with The Child. The Child is usually a bundle of joy who we must protect at all costs, in this episode though his rambunctiousness was dialled all the way up to eleven.


What does he do that’s got me in such a muddle? Well, he keeps eating the frog lady’s eggs and the situation is played for laughs… despite the fact that she’s a sentient alien who is trying to get the eggs fertilised (again don’t think about it) because she’s worried that her family line will end.

That’s right The Child is basically eating babies and the worst thing is, it’s really, really, really funny every time he does. I was literally guffawing watching him chomp down on the eggs even though I knew in the back of my head each delicious mouthful took the frog lady’s family one step closer to extinction.


It’s a brave move from Disney to make The Child such a glutton that he’ll commit cannabilism (is it cannibalism if it’s a different species?) but an interesting one. I think I could probably move past The Child’s predilection for gobbling up alien offspring if he wasn’t responsible for the episode’s most terrifying threat.


I don’t want to spoil things too much but needless to say, this episode might feature the most terrifying monster ever seen in the Star Wars universe and we’re introduced to them by Baby Yoda, who really needs to stop eating everything he sees.

The creature design on these monsters (no they’re not Wampas, think bigger, with less fur, and more legs) is incredible,  I’m not exaggerating when I say they’re one of the most memorable things I’ve seen in Star Wars in some time and they’re absolutely horrifying.


Chapter 10 also continues to build out the post-empire world, which I enjoyed, it was fun seeing the New Republic policing the Outer Rim and recognising Mando’s ship from the first series. I also think it’s brilliant that the X-Wing pilots all had glorious 70’s porn staches as all X-Wing pilots are required to have by law.


If I had any real complaints about Chapter 10 they would be that it’s basically a filler episode which doesn’t really do much to advance the plot. But as I said last time that’s not a massive problem for me, I enjoy decompressed story telling, I just hope that the next episode gives us some indication where this season is actually going.

Chapter 10 was all in all a fun episode which was basically the definition of filler but it was elevated by some great monsters, tense action and a cameo I wasn’t expecting. That said Mando really needs to start disciplining his son…


The Mandalorian season 2 is streaming now exclusively on Disney with new episodes every Friday.

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