The Most Iconic Reality TV Moment Ever Happened Six Years Ago Today

by : Cameron Frew on : 12 Jan 2022 10:58
The Most Iconic Reality TV Moment Ever Happened Six Years Ago TodayChannel 5

It’s been six years since Celebrity Big Brother gave us one of the funniest reality TV moments ever.

British reality TV has its fair share of iconic moments: Come Dine With Me‘s ‘What a sad little life, Jane’; ‘Do you want me to rap anyone? Lift the mood a bit?’ on Love Island; Claude Littner ripping into the sailboats business plan on The Apprentice; and Nikki Grahame shouting ‘Who is she?’ on Big Brother.


Among the very best entries is Tiffany Pollard’s hysteric confusion over the death of ‘David’ on Celebrity Big Brother.

In 2016, Angie Bowie confided in Pollard over the death of ‘David’. She made her promise not to tell anyone, but Pollard broke down almost immediately. She ran through to the housemates in the garden to announce the heartbreaking news, as Bowie prepared for everyone to swarm around her with their sympathies.

Around that time, then-housemate David Gest had been feeling a bit ill. So, when Bowie revealed to Pollard that ‘David is dead’, she assumed she meant Gest. Unfortunately, she was talking about the passing of her ex-husband, David Bowie.

The iconic 'David's dead' moment. (Channel 5)Channel 5
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Pollard quickly realised there’d been a mistake when she ran through to the bedroom and found Gest under a duvet. He didn’t seem that bothered, simply pulling the cover back over his face upon hearing the news. Pollard was raging though, completely bemused at how such a mix-up could happen in the first place.

While Bowie felt embarrassed by the whole ordeal, it was EastEnders star John Partridge who eventually brought peace to the house. ‘There’s nothing to freak out about, Angie’s had some news, she’s misunderstood the name, that’s all I’m going to say,’ he said. Gest sadly passed away on April 12, 2016.

Gemma Collins amid the 'David is dead' moment. (Channel 5)Channel 5

The mishap has racked up millions of views online. ‘One of the best moments in CBB history. Tiffany was a legendary housemate who should’ve won her series,’ one user wrote. ‘I come back to this scene a few times a year to boost my serotonin and dopamine levels,’ another commented.

‘The best part of this is that it’s the perfect storm of misunderstandings. Same first name, Angie didn’t elaborate, Gest had been sick all day, was under the covers in bed away from all the chaos. Can’t script that stuff,’ a third wrote.

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