The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Without His Helmet Is A Grim Sight


WARNING: Potential Game of Thrones season six spoilers ahead…

mountain got FBHBO

The Mountain is one of the most feared characters in Game of Thrones and, if you weren’t already terrified enough of the big man, just wait until you see what he looks like under the helmet.

In season six of GoT, we never actually got a clear look at Gregor Clegane’s deformed, zombified face as he opted to keep it hidden under his helmet. Understandable really…

Sure, we got the briefest of glimpses at his mangled features in the season six finale, as Clegane revealed his face to a horrified Septa Unella but we never really got a good look at it, as he was shrouded in shadow at the time.

But now, actor, strongman and vodka baron Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has satisfied all of our curiosity about his ugly mug with a behind-the-scenes snap posted on his Twitter page, which shows just how gruesome his character really looks.

And, yeah, it’s not pleasant.

This is what happens when you’re brought back to life by Qyburn’s experiments, I suppose. Although it seems pretty harsh that Jon Snow also gets brought back from the dead but gets to keep his handsome good looks. Sorry Gregor…