The New Rings Trailer Will Probably Make You Sh*t Your Bed


Several years have passed, never mind seven days, since the ghastly Samara last menaced cinema screens but the newest Rings trailer proves she’s got no less scary.  

Rings, a sequel rather than a full on reboot, is set 13 years after the events of the first two movies and tells the story of Julia (Matilda Lutz) who becomes worried about her boyfriend, Holt, (Alex Roe) as he begins to investigate a mysterious videotape, rumoured to kill the watcher seven days after viewing.

Julia soon makes a horrifying discovery though, the tape has secrets nobody ever knew, prompting our unfortunate hero to go through a rather troubling transformation.

Meanwhile the Samara seems to have embraced the new fast paced web based world, going from a VHS nasty to a full on digital demon who’s spread through spam emails rather than watching a tape.

It’s probably a good decision, who owns a VHS player any more anyway?

The latest instalment in the Ring series comes from director F. Javier Gutiérrez who made a controversial name for himself with the release of his first feature film Before the Fall an apocalyptic tale that divided audiences when it premiered at the Berlin film festival. 

Horror’s always been a difficult nut to crack so it’s nice to see the genre is enjoying something of a glorious return to hideous form!

Rings will be bursting onto screens here in the UK on February 3.