The Night King Is Even More Powerful And Terrifying Than We First Thought


Warning: Spoilers Ahead So If You Haven’t Watched This Week’s Episode Get The Hell Outta Here!


If this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones proved anything it’s The Night King ain’t no joke.

In Beyond The Wall the Night King’s bad ass powers were on full display.

He set a trap for Jon Snow and his death squad, took down a dragon in one swift move and then managed to bring it back to life – or undeath – using his underworldy ways.

By the end of the episode you can’t help but feel that the armies of Westeros are about to enter a war they cannot hope to win. We’ve already read theories about how he has the same Greenseer powers as Bran Stark, he even noticed the young Lord-turned-Three-Eyed Raven when he was still getting to grips with his warging abilities.


This interesting theory from Redditor VasGif is backed up in this week’s episode. As Jon Snow and his band of followers are trying to take down a White Walker there’s a minor detail that most of us probably missed.

As they are wrestling the Wight to the ground we get a close up of its face and at one point (it’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment) the Wight’s eyes turn blue.

But what does that have to do with anything you ask? One possibility is that the Night King warged into the Wight that they captured.


This theory opens to the possibility that the Night King is listening to their plans while they’re marooned on the tiny island surrounded by ice.

It could also explain why the Night King and White Walkers are relentless in their attempts to stop them from taking an undead body back – they don’t want anyone getting away with evidence that proves that they exist. After all, the key to a successful invasion is the element of surprise.

Sizzor19 reckons the Night King’s intent was to take all three dragons for himself and eliminate the only ones really standing in his way: Jon and Daenerys.

When he shows up with his army in tow, we see two Wights bearing spears of their own. Most likely intended to harness the power of Drogon and Rhaegal.

Another thing to consider is: what if he wanted them to capture the Wight so they could take it beyond the Wall? That way he could get himself into Westeros to get a better idea of what he’s up against if the houses of Westeros decided to unite. After all, Wights are an expendable resource.

Again this is all just theory, for all we know this total and utter bullshit and this could all mean completely nothing. Which means I’ve wasted my time writing this and your time reading this.

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I guess we’ll find out if any of this holds up in future episodes.