The Office Board Game Lets You Play As Favourite Dunder Mifflin Employee

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Sep 2019 17:35
Office Board Game Lets You Play As Favourite Dunder Mifflin EmployeeNBC/Target

If you’ve ever felt envious of Jim’s Olympic medals, Pam’s volleyball skills or Michael’s Murder Mystery tactics then you need to get your hands on The Office board game. 

The sitcom itself acts as the perfect pastime, with its hilarious quips and brilliantly timed camerawork continuing to provide entertainment no matter how many times you’ve seen them before.


FYI, I’m on my third viewing of the series but I know from memes that’s still a rookie number. Still, if you haven’t yet seen the show be aware there’s spoilers involved here.

While the episodes make for great viewing, the game ‘Downsizing’ allows fans to become even more involved with all things Dunder Mifflin.

In the game, players take on the role of their favourite character from the show, be it Dwight Shrute, Kelly Kapoor or even – God forbid – Toby Flenderson.


Those of you who have seen the show will be familiar with the way the company struggles with having to downsize as they compete with big paper suppliers. The closing of the Stamford branch plays a vital part in Jim and Pam’s relationship and I’m sure we all remember the cringe-worthy moment Michael attempts to fire Creed.

The Office board gameTarget

So in keeping with the storyline of the struggling company, The Office board game has players attempting to hold on to their job and make it through the week without getting fired.

The game comes complete with a Dundie award, a dry erase calendar and employee ID cards to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the role.


While you can take on any character, players will either be part of Team Michael, ‘intent on exposing Toby as the Scranton Strangler’, Team Toby ‘ just itching to issue a pink slip (or two or three)’, or ‘Toby in disguise’. The game requires at least five players – enough to run a small office – and can be played with up to 10 people.

The Office Board Game Lets You Play As Favourite Dunder Mifflin EmployeeTarget

A description of the game reads:

Each day of the week comes with a new email from HR and enough episode-specific gameplay references to separate the avid show watcher from the hard-core Dunder Mifflin devotee.

Will you triumph in the finger gun face-off? Your job may depend on it.

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A round of the game is thought to take 20 minutes, so it doesn’t have to cut too much into any Office binge-watching sessions, though you could always have the show on in the background if you want to stay in tune with your chosen character.

The Office board game is currently available in Target for $14.99 and can be shipped to the US, Mexico and Canada, but not to the UK, unfortunately. At least we still have the show to keep us entertained, though!

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