The Office Stars All Sent Jenna Fischer Birthday Presents And Steve Carell’s Was Amazing

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The cast of American sitcom The Office have always been pretty damn awesome, being one of the best ensembles television has seen.


Many of the cast members became friends during filming, and they regularly have adorable reunions since the show ended in 2013.

The group often celebrate birthdays together, and this year the cast hilariously decided to send Jenna Fischer (a.k.a. Pam) some Office related birthday presents.

Fischer appeared on actress Busy Philipps’ chat show Busy Tonight yesterday (February 26) to promote her new show Splitting Up Together.


Philipps knew Fischer’s birthday was next week, so decided to ask some of the actor’s Office co-stars to send in some presents she could open on the show.

To make it more fun, Fischer had to guess who sent each gift, a game she was pretty good at!

Fischer correctly guessed a box of raisin crisps had been sent by Ellie Kemper, as during the filming of one episode the pair got through several boxes.

Angela Kinsey had sent her a shirt with a loaf of bread on it as Fischer enjoys baking, while Ed Helms gave her a banjo, as he and Creed Bratton would play the instrument while the cast ate lunch together.

The best gift was saved until last though, and it of course came from the man who saw ‘all his kids grow up and marry each other’, Michael Scott, a.k.a. Steve Carell.

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Carell doesn’t do things by half, as he jumped out of a giant box as Fischer began to open it.


She was clearly surprised, jumping back in shock, before going in for a cuddle.

It really is an adorable moment.

Watch it here:

Fischer really did have no idea Carell would be there, telling Busy:

I wasn’t expecting a human being to be in the box and then on top of that I wasn’t expecting that human being to be Steve.

I feel like I should drive some bread over to your house, thank you.

The castmates then joked this is The Office reunion fans have been calling for, telling cameras ‘this is it’.

Fischer has previously said she would be up for a revival, telling The Hollywood Reporter last year:

I would be honoured to come back in any way that I am able to. I loved playing that character and as long as Greg Daniels is the person in charge and the visionary behind it, then I would be absolutely up for it.

Fans are just going to have to keep their fingers crossed though, as one is yet to be confirmed.


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