The Punisher’s First Trailer Released And It’s Intense

by : UNILAD on : 19 Aug 2017 11:52

Fuck me, if the first trailer for The Punisher is much to go by, it’s gonna be off the fucking charts.


The Daredevil spin-off revealed itself for the very first time after months of anticipation and speculation, and fans won’t be disappointed.

The show will star Jon Berthal as Frank Castle.

The legendary character says in a voiceover:

All the things that I’ve done, memories can never hurt me. The past is more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to.

He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.


Jesus, I’ve got goosebumps. I’m making that my voicemail.

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Speaking to Complex last year, Bernthal opened up about the ins and outs of taking on such an iconic Marvel character.

He said:

The first step in trying to fill Frank Castle’s shoes is to try to understand what would happen if somebody tore that love away from you. If they tore those people away from you. And that’s something that just filled me with so much emotion and made me so scared, so angry.

It’s always sort of been my philosophy in life. If something really scares you, if something really kinda sets you on fire inside, that’s exactly what you need to step towards.

So you’re literally saying it’s good to walk into a burning building? Whatever, I’ll reserve judgement cause The Punisher looks fucking class.

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