The Rock, Kevin Hart Rap About How Leo Got F*cked By A Bear In Hilarious Video


There were more F-bombs than awards given out at last nights MTV Video Awards.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart broke out in a profanity laden rap – and it was great.

The track took the MTV Movie Awards’ favourite films to celebrate the ‘movies that you’ve actually seen.’

The highlight, of course, was the chorus – a reference to the infamous bear-mauling scene in the Oscar-nominated film The Revenent. The rap was actually supposed to be out this years’ best films, but The Rock and Kevin Hart clearly had one main focus as they repeated ‘Leo got fucked by a bear’, followed by ‘you’ll always remember where you were when Leo got fucked by a bear.’


The mauling scene has been widely misinterpreted since the films release, with people thinking Leo actually got raped by a bear – hence the song.

And to highlight the misinterpretation, The Rock and Hart were joined by female dancers dressed in bear coats and famous faces like Pitch Perfect co-stars Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine.

During the chorus, DeVine chimed in from the audience: “I was eating pizza while taking a bath when Leo got fucked by a bear.” Meanwhile, Rebel was up on stage rapping (or trying to): “Ironically I was fucking a bear, when Leo got fucked by a bear.”

And while the bulk of the track is seemingly about a bear screwing the Oscar-winning actor, the pair managed to reference a few other nominated movies as well. And I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty catchy.

Watch the full video here: