The Rock Challenges James Corden To Bareknuckle Fight Over Twitter Beef

Chris Pratt and James CordonCBS

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? The delicious aroma of beef is wafting through the air and momentarily clearing my hay fever-stuffed nostrils. Thanks Dwayne.

And luckily for me, it’s mine and the internet’s favourite kind of beef – Twitter beef!

If there’s two things we know about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, it’s firstly, he’s very good on the ol’ social media, and secondly, he’s very good in the ol’ wrestling ring. So why anyone would challenge him to either of those things is beyond me?

Step up James Corden. The cheeky-chappy presenter took it upon himself, for some reason, to call out The Rock on television while he was buddying up with Chris Pratt.

chris pratt and james cordenCBS

What he didn’t account for, however, is that The Rock and Chris Pratt are action movie bros, and the bond between them can’t be broken, especially not by a silly little hashtag.

Pratt was appearing on a segment for Corden’s chat show The Late Late Show, in which they went on a hike up to the Hollywood sign.

Check out the video below:

After posing for a few selfies on top of the iconic landmark, Corden adds some hashtags to his pictures.

While classics such as #bestlife, #BFFs, and #sunglassbros – we all have sunglass bros, right? – do the rounds, Corden fires in a very questionable final tag in the form of #EatSh*tTheRock.

Naturally, Pratt is miffed, while Corden says:

I just thought you wanted to start some beef with The Rock.

Of course, something like this doesn’t go unnoticed, especially someone as active online as The Rock – and he had a pretty decent response.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

Hey punk @JKCorden, you’re gonna need much more than a silly #EatShitTheRock hashtag to start a beef between me and my boy @prattprattpratt. (between us though, I do bare knuckle fight for good tequila so if you send me a bottle.. #justsayin

A bare knuckle fight with The Rock over a bottle of tequila? I can’t tell if that would be a dream or a nightmare…

Corden, as you would, tried to laugh it off:

Ha ha! This tweet is incredible! It’s beef season!

And can you blame him? Who’d want to fight this guy:

One guy who knows something about Twitter beef with The Rock, and might be able to teach Corden a thing or two, is Kevin Hart.

Earlier this month, The Rock posted a friendly dig at his bff on Father’s Day.

Check it out here:

Dwayne wrote on social media:

Happy father’s day to all the papa bears out there and all the daddies who are doing everything they gotta do to hold it down for their families, taking care of their families. [sic]

After a heartfelt moment thanking his partner and daughter for their surprise gift to him, The Rock just couldn’t help but throw in a little dig at Hart.

He continued:

Simone, I love you, baby Jazzy, baby Tiana, daddy loves you. Baby Kevin Hart, daddy loves you too, even though you’re adopted. Happy father’s day.

While it’s obviously nothing but affection between Hart and The Rock, a bare knuckle fight with Corden is something I’d definitely like to see.

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